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The AML conundrum solved?


I outlined yesterday the fact that 98% of money laundering goes unchecked, allowing $1.6 trillion a year to be used for terrorist funding, drug dealers, sex traffickers and possibly worse.   This was prompted by a conversation about AML (Anti-Money Laundering) with the CEO and Co-Founder of I met Coinfirm, Pawel Kuskowski. So …

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R3 in bumpy waters


An interesting week as R3 goes through restructuring.   Santander and Goldman Sachs leave and the Monetary Authority of Singapore, a regulator, join.  Interesting. Since R3 arrived on the scene in 2014, it has been a train of technology.  The consortium started on September 15, 2015 with 9 financial companies: Barclays, …

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Who are you? The issue of identity …


We had a really interesting meeting about digital identity, blockchain and the Calais Jungle at The Financial Services Club recently from Jaz and Nils O’Hara of the Worldwide Tribe. One member of  the Club, Nick Swanson of ObjectTech, was so taken with it that he blogged about it.  Thanks Nick …

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Are you a bitcoin denialist?

Alpine Marmot (Marmota marmota) yawning, Austria

Many of the people I meet believe that bitcoin is bad and will fail.  It’s rare to meet anyone who says that it could change the world and will succeed.  But I’ve found one and he happens to have written a very good blog about it: Akin Fernandez, Entrepreneur Developer of …

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