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Things worth reading: 30th October 2009

Things we're reading today include …

Today's must read:

Bank of New York Melon Computer Tech Indicted for Identity Theft (New York Criminal Lawyer Blog)

"The Manhattan District Attorney's Office issued a press release
involving the arrest and indictment of Adeniyi Adeyemi, a computer
technician employed by the Bank of New York Melon. The 138 count Identity Theft
and Grand Larceny indictment accuses the defendant of stealing the
identities of 150 bank employees while perpetrating a $1.1 million
dollar fraud. The fraud and thefts were alleged to have transpired from
2001 through 2009."


Lloyds Banking Group given approval for independent restructuring (Telegraph)
Lloyds seeks support for £13bn rights issue to avoid toxic asset status (Guardian)
RBS rises 10pc as fund-raising looks unlikely (Telegraph)
Standard Chartered boosted by emerging markets (Telegraph)
Bank of America's CEO search stalls (Business Week)


Banks not buying in to Single Payments Area (Euractiv)
Credit crunch almost over, says ECB (Euractiv)
US economy is growing once again (BBC)
U.S. consumer confidence up for first time since 2007 (Reuters)
Financial regulation fight is a "just war": Geithner (Reuters)
Fed should lose AIG-style bailout powers: Geithner
(Washington Post)

Today's must see:

It's the night before Halloween and all is quiet in the house.  It's so quiet that not a creature stirred, not even a mouse.  And then the banking system turned up.

First, there were the trick or treaters …

Trick or treat

And then, there was the spoonkiller. 

You absolutely have to watch this to the end. 

It's freaky, scarey and about the most darned weird thing I've seen for some time.

But someone sent it to me, saying "this is what I would like to do to those bankers who are screwing the system".  Now, I know that's only about five bankers worldwide ( :-0 ) but if this was an ending for those five … well, make your own mind up.

Oh yes, and watch this in a quiet room with a sofa as you'll have to hide behind it … and there's a little bit of swearing.

Happy Halloween … mwuh, haw, haw, hhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww ….


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