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The Finanser’s Week: 12th September – 18th September 2016

Here are our key posts for the past week …

Do banks need a CIO?

I was talking with a technology firm the other day.  They offer everything from cloud to core systems.  Their issue is that the competition wins every time.  Not IBM.  Not Accenture.  Not TCS.  Not FIS.  Not SAP.  Not any of the big names you could …

The developer-driven bank

Building on yesterday’s blog (Do bank’s need a CIO?) , the key misunderstanding is the role.  Most banks thing the CIO is there to run the technology.  They’re not.  That’s what they used to do.  That’s not the job for the future. First and foremost, …

The future CIO is not a CIO

As mentioned last week, the CIO’s role is changing from running an empire of maintenance engineers to organising a distributed development organisation. The change in the role is one from a hierarchical control structure, where everything is proprietary and internal, to a flattened organisation that …

What is a bank?

I was at a conference the other day when the presenter showed this quote from the Wall Street Journal: The question is so simple it seems silly: What is a bank?  Of course you know the answer. A bank pools savings and then allocates that capital. …

The Banking Bazaar and the Bizarre Banker

I’ve spent a lot of this week talking about marketplaces.  We have a growing number of financial marketplaces appearing.  Lending marketplaces, credit marketplaces, payments marketplaces and more.  A marketplace is the bazaar.  Market stall holders gather to meet with prospective clients, and the digital version …

Bankers should not be retailers [Wells Fargo]

5,300 Wells Fargo employees have been caught faking customer account openings in order to hit their sales targets. That sounds pretty disgusting doesn’t it, but it’s nothing new.  In fact, we here in old America or, as some call it, Britain, have been living with …

An overdraft … is that someone who checks your first draft?

I got into a conference this week (for a change) where the presenter of a roboadvising wealth manager got into a bit of a Q&A scuffle with an audience member.  Felix Niederer, founder and CEO of Zurich-based start-up True Wealth showed the stats for their …


This weeks top 10 news stories are:

Investment banks need another radical overhaul if they want to make money, says McKinsey – The Telegraph

Former Barclays executive challenges bid to ban him from the City for misconduct – The Telegraph

Deutsche Bank boss tells staff to think like a tech firm, if they keep their jobs – The Telegraph

HSBC retail head sees more bank partnerships with financial tech firms – Reuters
TORONTO (Reuters) – HSBC’s retail banking and wealth management head John Flint expects banks to partner more with financial technology (fintech) companies in the coming years to help meet changing demands from customers.

Chancellor dismantles key Osborne pledge to cut corporation tax – The Telegraph

Bank of England has given Hammond £40bn of splurging room, economist says – The Telegraph

Inside the Bank of England’s vaults: can cash survive? – The Telegraph

The Square Mile is the envy of the world – and leaving the EU shouldn’t change that – The Telegraph

Banks find blockchain adoption difficult – Financial Times
Unprecedented transparency of transactions sits uneasily with financiers

Bank of England deputy Governor Minouche Shafik quits after just two years – The Telegraph


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