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Applying Blockchain to Trade Finance


After Clearing and Settlement as a blockchain use case, the next big area of interest is Trade Finance.  This is primarily because it’s an area full of inefficiencies and open to fraud.  Bills of Lading and Letters of Credit are old world methods of managing the shipping of goods and services, and the potential to…

Six Standout Start-ups Focused Upon Blockchain Clearing and Settlement


After yesterday’s blog generally about blockchain use case implications in Clearing and Settlement markets, here are the six companies I see as being at the forefront of changing the game: Digital Asset, SETL, tO, Clearmatics, Symbiont and itBit. Digital Asset Digital Asset – also known as Digital Asset Holdings (DAH) – is the most notable…

Applying Blockchain to Clearing and Settlement


I’ve talked a lot about blockchain, but not much lately about the use cases, of which four stand out in terms of real activity: Clearing and Settlement, Trade Finance, Payments and Digital Identity.  I thought I’d do a deeper dive into these during the quietness of August, starting with what’s happening in Clearing and Settlement. Today,…

Blockchain is like the internet before the browser


WARNING WARNING WARNING This is a semi-technical blog update and it is rather long (20 minutes read). If you don’t like dealing with bits and bytes, you may want to turn away now. I’ve been meaning to also write a blog update on all things about blockchain for a while, but just haven’t had time. …

House of Lords grills experts on a Britcoin


As mentioned last week, the House of Lords gathered a number of leading people to discuss blockchain and its potential to develop a digital currency for the UK.  Brave New Coin summarises the whole affair nicely, and I want to keep this for the record, so have copied their update over here. House of Lords…

House of Lords to ask the Bank of England: “Is it time for BritCoin?”


I just received this press release and felt it worth sharing with y’all: The House of Lords Economic Affairs Committee will next week take evidence from the Deputy Governor of the Bank of England on blockchain technology, the distributed ledger that allows Bitcoin to function as an online currency. The session comes as the Bank…

The case for bitcoin (or something like it)


I can remember a few years ago that the UK pound was almost at the level of being valued at $2.  Two dollars to the pound.  Amazing.  I brought a lot of American stuff that year.  Yesterday, I bought something and it was $1.30 to the pound.  Shoot.  The dinner for $100 that a few…

The best blockchain research papers, Q2 2016


I’ve published a few summaries of the best of blockchain research earlier this year (February and March).  There’s been a load more since, but Brave New Coin has curated a nice summary of all those that came out in the last quarter.  As they publish my content sometimes, here is their list (click on the titles to see the reports):…

50 shades of blockchain …


I’ve written about Bitcoin and blockchain for half a decade, and now banks are all talking about it too. There is a belief that the blockchain technology that came from the Bitcoin structure could revolutionise banking. But there’s a problem, not with blockchain protocol, but with the hype and confusion that surrounds it. How will banks…

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