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Who do you believe in: the state or the network?


I find so many similarities between what’s happening with COVID and what’s happening with cryptocurrencies. Why? It’s all to do with how they’re regulated. I don’t know about your country, but I’m in between two countries: the UK and Poland. After recently visiting the UK, where COVID rules are so confusing you have no idea…

Banks are becoming bitcoin banks whether they like it or not


For the last more than a decade, all I’ve ever heard bankers say is that bitcoin is a scam, a Ponzi scheme, purely useful for money launderers, paedophiles and terrorists. So, why are banks now offering bitcoin services? For me, this is one of the biggest questions, but the answer is obvious: because customers want…

What currency will you be using in 2121?


Having watched the emergence of cryptocurrencies, digital currencies, blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) for a decade, I have made a firm view. Most of the people involved in this space are deluded and naïve; most of the people involved in this space don’t understand the system or how things work in the world; and,…

What’s going on with Elon? [@elonmusk]


UPFRONT STATEMENT: I have crypto, but treat it as an experiment I attended an event in 2016 where Elon Musk was the star speaker. It was a good event, and he made sense. He doesn’t make sense anymore. Back then, I wondered if he was the 21st century’s real-life Tony Stark creating life on Mars…

Value is purely what you believe in


I am taken aback by the rise of ETH, BTC, DOGE and other currencies. What’s going on? Well, some of it is related to hype, notably Elon Musk; some to loss of confidence in fiat currencies, as governments failed during the crisis; some is related to the fact that banks are now jumping on the…

We are witnessing a major change – did you notice?


I don’t know how your life has changed in the last year, but I realised how much mine had when I woke up this morning and thought must go and buy dog food. A year ago, I didn’t have a dog and my first thought would have been I must get to the airport to…

Will the internet be powered by CBDCs or cryptos?


I found this article from The Asia Times interesting. It discusses the idea that China is trying to displace the US dollar as a reserve currency. Difficult. The US dollar represents over 60 percent of all currency reserves around the world. For more, check Wikipedia The euro is 20 percent and yuan/renminbi doesn’t even register. But…

The tectonic movement from paper to data


The Cryptowolf is here … or is it a cryptodog? April 20 was Dogecoin day. Did you notice? Probably not and it’s why I’m feeling there is a seismic change taking place in the last year. It is the tectonic plates of physical and digital clashing together, and digital is winning. It’s winning because…

What’s in an Oscars bag? (clue: an NFT)


I’ve always watched the Oscars and heard that the celebs get a bag of high value goodies worth lots, and wondered: what’s in the bag of goodies? So I was interested when I received a press release detailing what’s in an Oscars’ bag. It came from Distinctive Assets, an LA-based entertainment marketing company, highlighting that…

Who let the coins out?


I got a bit itchy during the weekend and ended up sitting and writing about bitcoin, dogecoin, crypto and more. It all started when I caused a twitter debate by posting this tweet: Highly recommended for central banks and governments — Chris Skinner (@Chris_Skinner) April 17, 2021 It caused quite a reaction with people…

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