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What currency will you be using in 2121?

Having watched the emergence of cryptocurrencies, digital currencies, blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) for a decade, I have made a firm view. Most of the people involved in this space are deluded and naïve; most of the people involved in this space don’t understand the system or how things …

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Value is purely what you believe in

I am taken aback by the rise of ETH, BTC, DOGE and other currencies. What’s going on? Well, some of it is related to hype, notably Elon Musk; some to loss of confidence in fiat currencies, as governments failed during the crisis; some is related to the fact that banks …

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What’s in an Oscars bag? (clue: an NFT)

I’ve always watched the Oscars and heard that the celebs get a bag of high value goodies worth lots, and wondered: what’s in the bag of goodies? So I was interested when I received a press release detailing what’s in an Oscars’ bag. It came from Distinctive Assets, an LA-based …

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