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Blockchain’s slow burn to reality …

Another great #Money2020 day, and this one spent mainly in the blockchain stream. Adam Lutwin, CEO of Chain who I referred to recently, kicked off the day with a beginners guide to the crypto world. It was real good. That was followed by a panel moderated by Marc Hochstein, former …

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The truth about bitcoin

It’s been an interesting few weeks, watching bitcoin’s rollercoaster ride as it rises to valuations over $4,000 and then dives to almost $2,000 before rising again to near $6,000. This is for an asset that just a year ago you could have purchased for a few hundred dollars. The rise …

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A banker’s view of bitcoin

I just got this commentary from a banker and thought it worth sharing … Bitcoin – Desperately seeking Satoshi Nakamoto By John Wyn-Evans, Head of Investment Strategy at Investec Wealth & Investment All the ingredients for life on earth were available in the primordial soup, but it took some unknown …

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Even British Airways gets blockchain now

When I fly with British Airways, which I try to avoid these days thanks to the fatuous actions of their lame duck CEO, then I’ll always check out the latest edition of Business Life. It’s their upmarket magazine for business fliers, and usually hits the right note. So imagine my …

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China’s ban on cryptocurrencies is not news

There’s so much rubbish being written about cryptocurrencies, ICOs, blockchain and shared ledgers at the moment that I’m almost tempted to give up on it all. 1 in 10 ICOs is a scam, blockchain is not the same thing as a shared ledger, and no, I can’t tell you if …

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The History of Bitcoin

Gemuel Franco over at Fried.com shared a great infographic on bitcoin with me, so I thought I should share it with you. Checkout the history below and note that the original exchange rate of 1,309.03 bitcoins to a dollar would now equate to circa $5.5 million. Not a bad investment.

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