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The Finanser’s Week: 24th September – 30th September 2012

Our biggest stories of the past week are … 

similarities between internet blocks and trade sanctions

I spent last week in the Middle East,
travelling the region and seeing some sights as well as meeting many banks from
across the region. As always, it’s an interesting space and place, full of
Eastern promise as they say….

do you behave when no-one is watching?

During my trip around the Middle East, I met a
lot of banks looking at a lot of new ventures with lots of dialogue about new
business models, new products and services, new organisational structures and
new ways to communicate…

future bank will be like Siri

I spent a day strategising with one of the
Middle Eastern banks about the launch of a direct bank service. One of the key
questions they asked me is: do we organise the back office in the same way

future of the payments terminal

I’m speaking at a conference on the future of
payments today for one of the world’s largest suppliers of payments terminals.
They asked me my views on the future of the point-of-sale, and I said that it
would disappear. Not…

should take Bitcoin seriously

I realised that it was over ten years ago when
I started banging on about mobile payments and tablet computing. It struck me
particularly when I revived this video that I made back in 2000. From Chris
Skinner's videos on…

years of Alex, a celebration

We entertained Alex at the Financial Services Club last night …




 The major general news stories of the past week include …

Old tricks cause
card fraud rise

Debit and credit card fraud has increased as con-artists turn to
unsophisticated snatching and Pin theft, an industry body says.

& Spencer to open 28 more bank branches
– The

Marks & Spencer today announced plans to open 28 bank branches by
the end of the year, as its first current accounts went live.

P2P Payment Methods: Have Paper Checks Met Their Match?
– Payments

The Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City has released a new paper
entitled "New Person-to-Person Payment Methods: Have Checks Met Their
Match?". Compared with person-to-person payments via cash or checks, new
methods now available to consumers offer significant advantages but still leave
gaps in service, suggesting a role the Federal

Hester says RBS is reaching recovery point
– The

The chief executive of part-nationalised Royal Bank of Scotland says it
is nearing the point of becoming "recovered", and will complete a
major restructuring by next year.

Adoboli's colleagues 'knew of his illicit trades'
– The

Colleagues of the alleged rogue trader Kweku Adoboli knew about his fake
trades four months before he was arrested, a court heard.

admits £32m Ponzi scheme
– The Independent

Nicholas Levene, the Bentley-driving former stockbroker who spent a
spell as deputy chairman of Leyton Orient Football Club, looks set to face a
long prison sentence after yesterday admitting to orchestrating a £32m
"Ponzi" fraud.

card issuer to refund $200m

America's sixth-largest credit card issuer will pay $200m (£123m) in
refunds to settle accusations it misled customers into add-on services.

£30bn talk for Merkel and Hollande
– The Independent

Ostensibly, they met to celebrate the 50th anniversary of a landmark
speech by Charles de Gaulle to the youth of Germany. But yesterday's talks
between the French President François Hollande, and German Chancellor, Angela
Merkel were thought to be dominated by the proposed £30bn merger of Britain's
BAE Systems and

giant' Paul Volcker has too little time left to fix the world
– The

Paul Volcker sees the current era of economic and political turmoil as
one of the most difficult periods in history.

Volcker: ring-fencing banks is not enough
– The

Ring fencing Britain's banks will not protect taxpayers in the event of
another financial crisis, according to Paul Volcker, the former chairman of the
Federal Reserve and the architect of the "Volcker Rule".


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