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Which bank is the biggest winner and loser?

There’s a great interactive review of
investment banking markets on the Financial Times today.

The chart compares the fortunes of ten investment
banks: Bank of America; Barclays; Citi; Credit Suisse; Deutsche; Goldman Sachs;
JPMorgan; Morgan Stanley; Royal Bank of Scotland; and UBS.

You can check out how their revenues,
employee numbers and market capitalisation has changed since this crisis began
in September 2008 through to the end of September 2012.

The numbers may surprise you.

For example, Deutsche Bank’s investment
division has increased staff by 25% with just a 7.4% rise in revenues compared with
Bank of America’s revenue growth of 40.3% with a staff increase of just 16%.

Royal Bank of Scotland’s the biggest loser,
with market capitalisation falling 60.4% on staff numbers down 26.4% and
revenues cut by a fifth (20.4%).

Surprising as Goldman Sachs has fared even
worse, with revenue down 37.3%.

The biggest winner, and there is one, is

JPM are the only to increase their market capitalisation
in the last four years.


Just don’t mention the whale!

The view from Jes Staley's table last night (Jes is Chairman of JPMorgan's investment bank).


Change in market capitalisation since 12 September 2008 through 21 September 2012.

Screen Shot 2012-10-02 at 11.20.58

Change in revenues since 12 September 2008 through 21 September 2012.

Screen Shot 2012-10-02 at 11.21.11

Change in employee numbers since 12 September 2008 through 21 September 2012.

Screen Shot 2012-10-02 at 11.21.27


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  1. In the commercial banking segment Nordea Bank is the big winner – now nbr 3 in market value in Europe. No exposure on Greece, Italy, Spain, Ireland and Portugal helps..

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