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The Finanser’s Week: 1st August – 7th August 2016

Here are our key posts for the past week …

Looking for a live Unicorn

I was chatting about Unicorns yesterday.  I won’t say which one we talked about, but one specific firm was being picked on as unsustainable and incorrectly valued.  I was particularly surprised to hear that their cost of customer acquisition is estimated to be $400 per …

The Bank of England: taking the lead in #FinTech

I like to point at the fact that the Bank of England is taking a leadership role in FinTech, but it goes wider and deeper than this.  Bear in mind, the regulator –  the Prudential Regulatory Authority (PRA) –  lies under the Bank’s control.  Before …

The Monetary Authority of Singapore: keeping up with the Bank

Yesterday I blogged about the flagship lead of the Bank of England to support innovation and create refreshed central bank digital structures.  They are experimenting with everything from a Britcoin to a FinTech Accelerator program, and these operations have filtered through the system into RegTech …

Bank customers aren’t always right

It’s August – the quietest month in business.  Everyone I email sends back an out of office autoreply, and yet I’m here still blogging.  So what to blog about?  Well, this month might be a little inconsistent, but I do love posting funny stories in …

The FinTech Weekly Roundup by Anna Irrera (3)

Friend of the Financial Services Club and journalist with Financial News Anna Irrera has recently started producing a weekly roundup of FinTech news.  She’s kindly agreed to let me republish this summary here on The Finanser, so here goes: A good roundup of startups bringing AI to …


In other news …

Goldman warns of Brexit restructuring – Financial Times
One of clearest signs of impact of Leave vote on City

HSBC’s tale of woe is gripping for all the wrong reasons – The Telegraph

Santander intensifies talks to buy Royal Bank of Scotland spin-off – The Telegraph

City gets blueprint for life after Brexit – Financial Times
Lobby group for the Square Mile sets out how London can remain Europe’s financial capital

Don’t Let Bank Regulators Create Another Japan – Wall Street Journal
‘Looking back from today’s vantage point, we wonder if we should have done things differently, paying more attention to economic growth,’ says Japan’s top bank regulator

The City of London is going to lose business from Brexit, say fund managers – The Telegraph

RBS and Barclays hit by poor stress test showing – The Telegraph

UK claims global victory with first masala bond issued outside India – The Telegraph

Barclays to abolish passwords for phone banking – The Telegraph

Banks say ‘no’ to a bonfire of red tape – The Telegraph


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