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The Finanser’s Week: 17th October – 23rd October 2016

The main blog posts this week were …

Who owns the customer in the internet of things?

I’ve been talking the internet of things for a while as, after all, The ValueWeb is the internet of value that underpins the internet of things. A key concept of the internet of value is how it supports your television, car, fridge, shoes, phone, computer …

The cynical bankers’ trick: show me the money

I’ve spent decades preaching transformation and the easiest way to shut me up is ask: Where’s the business case? This is the question normally asked by the mealy-mouthed cynical financial controlling banker in the audience … They want the spreadsheet showing the cost-benefit analysis and …

Banks’ burning platform is obvious

My presentations change every day, but I got a great new slide to illustrate the burning platform that banks sit upon.  This is the one I was blogging about yesterday, and the one area I blog about incessantly (so much so that I bore myself). But …

Where is the bank’s digital vision?

It’s intriguing to find more and more banks creating digital heads.  I meet them regularly, I’m the digital head of retail banking; I’m the digital head of retail business banking; I’m the digital head of the investment bank; I’m the digital head of our transaction …

300 years and still going strong?

A final comment on leadership for digital transformation.  I was in a conversation with a bank yesterday when, half way through, the senior chap there said “look Chris, we’re a 300-year-old institution, things change but not that fast”. 300 years old. Wow. They were actually …


This weeks top 10 news stories are:

Why RBS may be facing its most damaging scandal yet– The Telegraph

Banker ‘corrupted by boys’ jollies perks’– BBC

A banker who oversaw business loan losses of £245m provided loans to people he worked with for free travel and access to a credit card, it has been claimed.

HSBC retail head sees more bank partnerships with financial tech firms– Reuters

TORONTO (Reuters) – HSBC’s retail banking and wealth management head John Flint expects banks to partner more with financial technology (fintech) companies in the coming years to help meet changing demands from customers.

Chancellor dismantles key Osborne pledge to cut corporation tax– The Telegraph

Bank of England has given Hammond £40bn of splurging room, economist says– The Telegraph

Inside the Bank of England’s vaults: can cash survive?– The Telegraph

Watchdog targets banking ‘revolution’– BBC

Britain’s High Street banks have been ordered to launch a technological “revolution”, in an effort to promote better competition

Metro Bank Boss Lands Branch Finder’s Fee– Sky News

The founder of Metro Bank is finalising a deal that will see him paid up to £175,000 each year for identifying new locations for branches.

Contactless card data ‘can be taken’– BBC

Researchers have said that data transmitted by contactless payments cards can be picked up from a distance using inexpensive equipment.

British crowdfunding site wants to become a bank– Reuters

A website which brings new sources of funding to small British businesses by allowing individuals to invest as little as 10 pounds in them, is aiming to become the first crowdfunded investment bank, its CEO said.


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