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Digital Human (my new book)

And continuing my shameless self-interest, a little more on the new book … I’ve been musing for a while about inclusivity, and find that the world is truly being transformed as everyone joins the network. It is the theme I present all the time right now, and discussions around M-Pesa, …

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The Finanser’s Books

Book cover2

Since 2006, Chris Skinner has written and edited a wide range of books about banking.   The latest book released in the summer of 2014 is Digital Bank and has some pretty good reviews: “I can honestly say this is one of the best books that I've read on the subject …

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How do you build a Digital Bank?

One of the great US Bloggers, Jim Marous, picked up on the release of my new book Digital Bank, and asked for an interview with me.  As the discussion outlines the book's profile and content rather nicley, I'm republishing the interview here. An Interview With Chris Skinner on Building a …

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