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Which countries are leading financial inclusion?

Adasa John receives a phone call in her field in Rudewa Mbuyuni location near Morogoro, Tanzania on May 27, 2014.

Building upon Friday’s discussion of how the system treats the poor, there are interesting movements afoot at the Brookings Institute.  If you’re not familiar with Brookings, it is one of America’s oldest Think Tanks and provides independent research into social sciences, particularly economics, governance and foreign policy, for the US …

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Financial Services Club Season Q4 2016


I don’t often highlight the Financial Services Club’s forthcoming meetings, but felt it worth just noting a few upcoming specials.  Join the Club if you want to come along: Financial Services Club England September 6 Future Applications of the Blockchain Technology – Leanne Kemp, Founder and CEO, Everledger September 20 The …

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Eurosceptics rule KO!


So we had our annual update on all things EU yesterday from David Doyle, loyal friend of the Financial Services Club and our opening keynote in most years as we are all keen to know what the Eurocrats are thinking.  In prepping for the meeting, I got to thinking about …

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A fine line for anonymity

I presented to the Financial Services Club meeting in Scotland last night and was asked an intriguing question at the end about anonymity.  What are the issues around protection of privacy and, by contrast, the requirements to protect anonymity?  If I am buying pornography, drugs or weapons online, am I …

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The Challenging State of British Banking

Anthony Browne

We started the new season of the Financial Services Club last night with meetings in both London and Edinburgh.  The Financial Services Club runs from autumn to summer, and this is our 12th year of operation after starting our first meetings in London in 2004.  Now in 8 countries and …

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How many m-wallets and other payment innovations …


We had a very succesfful third meeting of the Financial Services Club Nordic Region in Stockholm the other night  (checkout what happened at the first and second meetings if of interest). The focus was upon innovation and, specifically, innovation in payments with presentations from: Lazaro Campos, former CEO, SWIFT; Richard Jones, …

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