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FiBD: The FinTech Bullshit Detector


I’ve been wondering for a while how so many companies can be starting up something in the same space, and how are they surviving?  The reason for mentioning it is that we keep hearing these numbers around how many billions are being invested in FinTech, bitcoin, blockchain and such like, …

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The Catch 22 of Banking


I realised the other day that financial markets are confused.  On the one hand, we spend all of our time criticising banks for being slow to change, inflexible, lacking customer focus and being greedy and, in some cases, fraudulent; on the other, many reckon that challenger banks are not that …

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10 predictions for 2017


There are lots of predictions being made for 2017.  After all, it’s that time of year.  So, having reviewed whether mine were right or wrong at the end of 2016, my first blog for 2017 is to make 10 predictions for 2017. Rather than making this a long and detailed …

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Do you suffer from glanger?


It’s amazing how you can feel glee and anger in the same moment or, as I call it, glanger.  I have this so often with technology.  The glee of finding a new app that solves a major pain in your life; the anger when that app freezes and you have …

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