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The Catch 22 of Banking


I realised the other day that financial markets are confused.  On the one hand, we spend all of our time criticising banks for being slow to change, inflexible, lacking customer focus and being greedy and, in some cases, fraudulent; on the other, many reckon that challenger banks are not that …

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10 predictions for 2017


There are lots of predictions being made for 2017.  After all, it’s that time of year.  So, having reviewed whether mine were right or wrong at the end of 2016, my first blog for 2017 is to make 10 predictions for 2017. Rather than making this a long and detailed …

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Do you suffer from glanger?


It’s amazing how you can feel glee and anger in the same moment or, as I call it, glanger.  I have this so often with technology.  The glee of finding a new app that solves a major pain in your life; the anger when that app freezes and you have …

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#Singapore’s #Fintech Festival


As I look back on my travels this year, it’s interesting to see where I have and haven’t been.  Spent a lot of time in Singapore, Istanbul, London (obviously), New York and Washington.  I count these as my hotbeds of fintech innovation.  I’ve also briefly dropped in to Hong Kong, …

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I heard this phrase – paranoia-as-a-service – for the first time recently, but I’m hearing paranoia in banking mentioned more and more often. It’s not surprising after the tesco hack, but what can you do about it? If banks are meant to be the most secure stores of value in …

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Look at financial inclusion for innovation

Isaac Mkalia, 20 years old, a teacher by profession is checking his mobil phone.

I guess in concluding this weeks’ thoughts, I’m left reflecting on a similar idea to the one I blogged a couple of weeks ago about a world turned on its head.  This time it’s a different take on the same conundrum.  We live in the developed economies complaining about legacy; …

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Are we globalising or localising?


I consider myself a citizen of the world.  I guess that’s because I fly around so much.  Everywhere I go, I find the same thing.  Warm, fantastic people who welcome me like a brother and complain about the idiot running their country.  This is common to every country, just that …

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