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My fictional partner

This is my wife. She doesn’t know she’s appearing on my blog today, but it doesn’t matter because she doesn’t exist. Well, she does physically but, according to my bank, she doesn’t exist. I only discovered this recently, due to trying to open a new joint investment account. To open …

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Don’t trust anyone

I just hosted Jamie Woodruff, the Ethical Hacker, at our Nordic meetings in Oslo and Stockholm. He’s always got some good stories to tell, like how he uses your children’s toys to listen to your conversations or pretending to be a waiter at the hotel restaurant to catch all the …

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How do you see the world?

I was reflecting on an interview about the role and importance of Asian, and specifically Chinese, FinTech when something exploded in the middle of my head. Not literally, of course, although you might have said that, but more an idea that had occurred to me a few times but suddenly …

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Diving into the FinTech Wave

I keep trying to define and delineate more and more of this FinTech Wave. It is no longer FinTech, but PayTech, IDTech, InsurTech, WealthTech, RegTech, GulfTech and more. The thing that strikes me the most is that there are two fundamentally different FinTech camps: those attacking existing business structures and …

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