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Banks’ leadership teams are fatally flawed

I was chairing a conference with various speakers, when Gartner Group stood up and talked about their annual bank survey.  They found that of the senior bankers surveyed, 76% don’t believe that digitalisation will affect their business model. Gartner found 76% of banks don’t believe their business model has to …

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The legacy clock is ticking

Further to my recent trip to Pakistan Business Recorder (their version of The Financial Times) interviewed me in depth about what is happening in FinTech.  Here’s what they published: ‘The clock is ticking for Pakistan’s legacy banks,’ Chris Skinner, global fintech expert An independent commentator on financial markets and fintech through his blog, the …

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Will customers tell Barclays to frack off?

I’m very sceptical about competition in banking because I’ve been waiting for it to happen for too long.  Back in the 1990s, I visited Australia that had just had sweeping reforms in banking to promote more competition.  Zero affect.  America’s biggest banks haven’t seen much change to their market share …

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Frictionless Finance with FinTech

Larry Summers, former director of the National Economic Council for President Barack Obama, writes a regular column in The Financial Times.  His latest piece is his take on FinTech, which has the main headline that FinTech is taking away frictions in finance.  Yep.  The frictions are illustrated by things like interchange …

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What a load of COBOLx

I was inspired to think more about the legacy challenge in the legacy economies when I saw this article by the inimitable Anna Irrera (she’s worth following if you’re on twitter).  She was lamenting the state of US bank systems and how they’re hiring retired programmers just to keep the …

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A world without money

I have no academic papers or historical research view on what I’m about to post, although I will find some, but I was reflecting on my discussions of revolutions in humanity.  In particular, the second age of humankind, when we invented money as a control mechanism. Before this seismic change, money …

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