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My fictional partner

This is my wife. She doesn’t know she’s appearing on my blog today, but it doesn’t matter because she doesn’t exist. Well, she does physically but, according to my bank, she doesn’t exist. I only discovered this recently, due to trying to open a new joint investment account. To open …

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Don’t trust anyone

I just hosted Jamie Woodruff, the Ethical Hacker, at our Nordic meetings in Oslo and Stockholm. He’s always got some good stories to tell, like how he uses your children’s toys to listen to your conversations or pretending to be a waiter at the hotel restaurant to catch all the …

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The digital transformation journey

I find more and more people are starting to understand that digital is a transformation project, not just an adjunct to business as usual. But there needs to be more of them. We can liken most people’s thinking about digital in banking for example, to the thinking within the media …

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An interview about digital

I recently was interviewed for a conference in Miami, and thought you might enjoy the Q&A so sharing … Your book “Digital Bank” published in 2014 included extensive guidance and background on the digital revolution in banking that was taking place. Are changes going at the speed and in the …

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