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Things worth reading: 19th April 2010

Things we're reading today include …


BarCap's vaulting ambitionThe

BofA bounces back into profit in first quarterThe Independent
Moneris enters the fray for RBS unitFinancial Times
RBS doubles bankers' salariesThe Telegraph
RBS lost £545m in alleged Goldman fraudThe Telegraph

Goldman Sachs charged with fraud

SEC charges Goldman Sachs with fraudThe Telegraph
SEC takes off the gloves on GoldmanFinancial Times
Wall St regulator charges Goldman Sachs with fraud
The Independent
Goldman Sachs faces $4bn profit rowThe Telegraph
A gold-plated scandal hits the bonus bankThe Independent
Paulson's hunch for lucrative tradeFinancial Times
Goldman Sachs, Fabrice Tourre and the complex Abacus of
toxic mortgages
The Telegraph
Q&A: Shorting CDOsFinancial

Goldman lawyers advised Lehman The Telegraph
Goldman Sachs case opens lawsuit floodgates on Wall
The Times
Goldman case likely to spur efforts on reformFinancial Times
Brown slams Goldman 'bankruptcy'BBC
FSA probe into Goldman Sachs ‘fraud’The Times


EU finance ministers fail to agree deal on bank tax
The Independent
EU finance ministers fail on levy talks The Telegraph
EU finance head challenges UK on bank levyThe Independent
Northern Rock cover-up inquiry widensThe Times
'FSA risking its reputation by vetting boards'The Telegraph

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