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Trust in banks is NOT the same as trusting banks

I recently blogged about the Edelman Trust Barometer, which makes clear that technology firms are trusted the most and financial firms the least. This is misguided however, as we need to think about who trusts them with what. Consumers trust technology firms not to abuse their data? Hmmm. Consumers trust technology …

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Why I like Turkish banks

Just before Christmas, I was interviewed by a Turkish magazine about the future, Turkey and fintech. I thought it might interest folks to share it here … When you wrote your first book about fintech – little was known about it. How much has that changed and have your predictions …

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Happy holidays and one last piece of 2017 news

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year everyone. That’s 2017’s blogging over for me. Back on January 2, 2018, with more news about my new book coming out in March, Digital Human. A few comments: “Skinner presents a compelling vision of the future of financial services expertly set in ten-thousand years …

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Where are all the women?

Despite there being many capable women in banking, finance and technology, it is surprising how few are at the top of the companies I talk about. Most FinTech start-ups I refer to are run by young men, whilst most banks are run by old men. Where are all the women? …

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