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Wassup Credit Suisse?

People fear banking collapses and, with five in a week, is this contagion? In the last few days Silicon Valley Bank, Signature Bank, First Republic, Railsr and Credit Suisse have failed. Technically they are still alive but, realistically, they flat-lined. Is this a financial crisis? No. Each bank had different issues and so I thought…

Where’s my financial backup?

I often return to a theme: where’s my guarantee? Where’s my backup? After the failure of Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank during the past week, it begs the question: where’s my guarantee? Where’s my backup? After losing money on MtGox ten years ago: where’s my guarantee? Where’s my backup? With the failure of FTX and Terra-Luna: where’s…

FinTech without Frontiers

I’ve blogged a few times about the Ukrainian conflict, and its impact on the FinTech community. It was interesting therefore to recently connect with Huw Davies. Huw is Co-founder and Chief Commercial Officer, Ozone API, and has previously worked with MasterCard, HSBC and Barclays. He’s now involved in supporting the Ukrainian FinTech community. Here’s how…

All we are saying … is give peace a chance

I’ve been lucky. I got my first job just after a massive economic crisis and haven’t really been exposed to one since. I live in a bubble that has never had a war. I have never been in a country with double-digit inflation, during my working life. What that means is that I’ve never really…

Why HSBC’s head of ‘responsible’ investing is wrong

I watched Stuart Kirk’s speech at the FT Moral Money conference last week … … and, frankly, was astounded. He is now being side-lined, suspended, maybe sacked and certainly a pariah with anyone who cares about the future of our world. Why? Well, let’s just take three comments thrown out during his presentation: “Who cares…

Financial sanctions: a reality check

Some friends were applauding Visa and MasterCard’s decision to throw Russia off their payments networks over the weekend. Both companies handle 90% of all debit and credit card payments outside of China – and their announcements will deal another significant blow to the Russian economy. It sounds grand, but the presentation by the media misses a…

Who will a pension fund pay a pension to?

I have a number of big yawns when I watch the news these days. Banks are doomed!!! Yawn. Central banks are replacing money with digital money!!! Yawn. Buy bitcoin now and make millions!!! Yawn. COVID, vaccines, anti-vaxers!!! Yawn. The Earth is heating!!! Yawn. The climate is in an emergency!!! Yawn. The world will end!!! Yawn….

Is George Orwell’s vision coming true?

1948, 1984, 2030 We talk a lot about FinTech. Some of us then break it down and talk about InsurTech, WealthTech, TradeTech and more. But do we ever zoom out? What about just tech? What about just a digital world? It’s funny as I see HealthTech, FarmTech, GovTech and more, and sat back the other…

What is ‘sustainable investing’?

I have a few friends who are climate deniers. That’s fine, they are entitled to their views, but I cannot accept that view. There’s too much science that shows the world is changing. Their argument – those who believe this is not a climate emergency – is that it’s just Earth going through its’ regular…

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