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FinTech in Africa: the State of the Nations

I got this excellent update from FT Partners and felt compelled to share. What it should make you realise is that African Nations are leap-frogging the world. Enjoy! Executive Summary: FinTech is rapidly spreading into Africa. As mobile proliferation and internet penetration continue to accelerate, financial services in many African markets are bypassing traditional banking…

This week’s FU!

Just when you thought Fintech Uncut (FU for short) was quiet, we are back and louder than ever. Here’s to a 2023 of FU! There was a lot of angst this week, due to toxic cultures, relationships and losses – sadly just another week in Fintech and Financial Services … Here are the links to…

How Cloudy is the FinTech Future?

I recently hosted a roundtable dinner about the role of cloud computing in banking. One of the attendees, Tim Skeet, kindly sent me his thoughts about this afterwards and has given permission to share this with you. How could I resist?   How Cloudy is the FinTech Future? The history of banking and tech has…

Need help with sales and strategy? Our workshops and dinners can help …

I was asked last year to develop a 2-day strategy workshop for a bank. It went well and has developed a lot further, with interactive exercises and clarification of all terms and phrases in the financial, technology and fintech space. This ensures everyone is talking the same language and understanding. It also ensures the teams…

FinTech trends for 2023: separating the wheat from the chaff

I see a lot of people talking about 2023 as the year we see the FinTech markets separate the wheat from the chaff. No wonder when you look at the stats that show it’s the end of the boom party. As reported by Hugh Son at CNBC: Many fintech companies — particularly those dealing directly…

Top 11 blog entries of 2022

Here are this year’s 11 most-read blog items but, unlike previous year’s, they are not in order as it made more sense to list them by subject matter. Therefore, the placement is in parenthesis. Enjoy!   Banking in 2022: what’s going to happen? (#9) This was the forecast for banking made in January, using …

The Indian FinTech Renaissance

I’ve covered in-depth views on FinTech in Africa, the Middle East (or is that West Asia?), Asia, Latin America and more, but feel that I skipped over India where the only in-depth views I’ve shared has been about PayTM. So, this time, it’s India’s turn. According to Ernst & Young – or is it just EY…

This week’s FU!

In our final FU before Christmas, we made it a jolly one and, before you watch this week’s show, how about a little quiz for yourself? The fastest growing service ever launched achieved over a million users in five days. Who or what is it? Central banks cannot go bankrupt. However what made the Belgian…

FinTech Schadenfreude?

People took great delight in telling me how some of the big FinTech trade shows this year appeared to be lots of struggling FinTech firms holding out begging bowls to banks. Many start-ups are struggling, with their cash runway running out, and they desperately need funding and investment. The banks are smiling and feeling that…

Dealing with a recession

FinTech began in the 2000’s and was fuelled by new technologies – cloud computing and the smartphone in particular – alongside the failing of traditional finance when the financial crisis hit in 2008. Now that we enter a global recession, FinTech has a new challenge: dealing with no investors in a time when they need…

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