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What does AI think about your job?

I shared an update the other day that has had a lot of reaction, so I’m sharing it here on the blog. The update is from Generative AI on what corporate players would look like if they were animals.   The CEO is a lion? HR is a monkey? Sales is a fox? Interestingly they…

Barry Banker and the Market of Doom

I’ve been writing children’s stories for a while, and decided to try to apply my childish impishness to the seriousness of banking. That’s a true FinTech approach where we integrate the parent and child. So, here’s my attempt to create an exciting moment in time: Barry Banker and the Market of Doom. Barry Banker had worked…

What has the government ever done for us?

It made me smile when watching Billions during an exchange between Chuck Rhoades (the Attorney General) and a bitcoin miner in Episode 1 of Series 5 (nerdy). Bitcoin miner: "What's the dollar backed by, since we went off the gold standard?" Legislator: "Roads, the military, industry, the credit of the federal government, that sort of…

Fintech Island Discs

About a year ago, Barb MacLean started a fun FinTech playlist where, each week, she picks out the top FinTech comments of the week and adds a music track to the column. If you’re not aware of it, subscribe here. It made me think, whilst out for a walk the other day, about creating a…

This week’s FU!

In our final FU before Christmas, we made it a jolly one and, before you watch this week’s show, how about a little quiz for yourself? The fastest growing service ever launched achieved over a million users in five days. Who or what is it? Central banks cannot go bankrupt. However what made the Belgian…

“Hello” exclusive! Chris Skinner visits a bank branch

I grew up with Mills & Boon, where old ladies wrote sexy stories about men on horses who would rip off the bodice of a young woman and deliver his sword. These days it seems to be Hello! that fills this vacuum, with Princess Kate flying on an economy flight and described as such: Who…

Forget rock and roll, it’s now space and soul

I am regularly asked: what’s the next big thing? Answer: there isn’t one. There are just all the things we can see today that are building to the next big thing. What’s out there today? Web3; the metaverse; cryptocurrencies, digital currencies and CBDCs; artificial intelligence plus; blockchain, smart contracts and distributed ledger technologies in reality;…

Please, please, upgrade me

I loved the show Frasier back in the day. The pithy, pathetic but pure and pleasing ways of Niles and Mr. Crane warmed the cockles of my heart. One of my favourite episodes was Door Jam. Niles and Frasier had been aspiring to join the elite club. Here’s what happened: Frasier opens a letter and…

70 facts about money to celebrate 70 years on the throne

Today marks the day that celebrates the Queen being the monarch of Britain for the last 70 years, She was crowned on June 2 1952. To celebrate this event, the Daily Mail has published 70 facts about money which puts her reign in perspective from a financial view. Worth a share: Cash The Queen was the…

Have you heard of the human library?

I stumbled across the human library the other day. I’d never heard of it, but the idea is that instead of borrowing a book, you borrow a human and listen to their life story. It’s a conversation over a table, and you learn how they became who they are. You sit with them for thirty…

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