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I am regularly asked: what’s the next big thing? Answer: there isn’t one. There are just all the things we can see today that are building to the next big thing. What’s out there today? Web3; the metaverse; cryptocurrencies, digital currencies and CBDCs; artificial intelligence plus; blockchain, smart contracts and distributed ledger technologies in reality;…

Please, please, upgrade me


I loved the show Frasier back in the day. The pithy, pathetic but pure and pleasing ways of Niles and Mr. Crane warmed the cockles of my heart. One of my favourite episodes was Door Jam. Niles and Frasier had been aspiring to join the elite club. Here’s what happened: Frasier opens a letter and…

70 facts about money to celebrate 70 years on the throne


Today marks the day that celebrates the Queen being the monarch of Britain for the last 70 years, She was crowned on June 2 1952. To celebrate this event, the Daily Mail has published 70 facts about money which puts her reign in perspective from a financial view. Worth a share: Cash The Queen was the…

Have you heard of the human library?


I stumbled across the human library the other day. I’d never heard of it, but the idea is that instead of borrowing a book, you borrow a human and listen to their life story. It’s a conversation over a table, and you learn how they became who they are. You sit with them for thirty…

The world’s most valuable bank changes CEO


In a surprise announcement the world’s most valuable bank, PJ Margon Choice (PJMC), has announced that their long-standing leader, John Demon, is standing down to be replaced by Tim Blomfjord, the founder of Mongo. In the press release there are some interesting nuances as Demon states: “I realised that now is the time to leave…

Is technology making life better or worse?


We had a big debate in our NFI group the other day about whether technology is improving our lives or making things much more complicated. It used to be that you could walk around without a mobile or laptop and life wasn’t bad. Today, we have to have WiFi and the network 24*7 or we…

The silliness of today’s work: what is your job title?


I find myself bemused by job titles these days. When I was a lad, it was Managing Director, Director and Manager. Now it’s Chief this and Chief that and Head of this and Head of that. So, I checked out the job titles that do exist in real life but should not. Here’s my shortlist….

Twas the Night before Cryptmas


As it is almost Christmas, I felt it necessary to rewrite the classic poem Twas the Night before Christmas. My version is Twas the Night before Cryptmas. Twas the Night before Cryptmas Twas the night before Cryptmas, when all through the net Not a dollar was stirring, not even a cent. The money was hung…

The end of the line


I saw the news that landlines are due to be dead by 2025 in the UK. Shame? Nah, who uses a landline these days? Twenty years ago, we depended on dial-up lines for AOL.  Today, with WiFi and mobile everywhere, we’ve moved on. It made me reflect on other technologies that are defunct and…

Do you see the point of “Squid Game”?


Like most people, I’ve watched and enjoyed Squid Game on Netflix (the original language version with subtitles, avoid the dubbed version), but did you get the point? I’ll avoid giving away too much, in case you still haven’t watched it, but what’s the point of Squid Game? Well, it’s the same point as many other movies…

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