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Things worth reading: 15th July 2019

Things we’re reading today include … French financial regulator wants more flexible market rules U.S. proposes barring big tech companies from offering financial services, digital currencies City regulator fines balloon to £320m in six months Will Mark Carney and George Osborne vie for the top …

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A mortgage in an app?

The next day, the grandson came to visit his grandfather again, and immediately returned to the conversation of yesterday. Grandson: Granddad, you know you were talking about how money and banking used to be. Well, I think it’s a lot better today. Granddad: How so, …

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Things worth reading: 5th July 2019

Things we’re reading today include … In Brexit Britain, battling home lenders chase risk and pensioners Nearly half of global wages received by top 10%, survey finds Osborne thinks he could run the IMF. Maybe gaslighting a country is a useful skill | Faiza Shaheen …

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Things worth reading: 3rd July 2019

Things we’re reading today include … The rise of the CEO as social justice warrior | Jill Priluck Wall Street looks to earnings after strongest June in decades Breakdown of global trading system is looming, Australian economist warns Japan payment systems: paper qualifications Why Facebook’s …

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The end of FinTech

I’ve been involved in finance and technology for a long, long time. Originally, I was a technologist; then a financial technologist; and now a FinTech guy. However, I see the FinTech piece as being irrelevant. Whether it’s FinTech or TechFin, it’s all still just finance …

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Things worth reading: 1st July 2019

Things we’re reading today include … Deutsche Bank in wealth management hiring spree What first-home buyers should know about ‘bank of mum and dad’ Amazon’s Jeff Bezos pays out $38bn in divorce settlement Catch-22 and the real and immediate danger of Brexit Fearing stock market …

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