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Since the 2010s, Chris has become more and more passionate about children, having become a father for the first time himself. The result is that he is writing a series of children's books about Captain Cake and The Candy Crew, a Mom's Choice Gold Category winner, and an introduction to FinTech for KidsIn 2019, he also established The Portrait Foundation with world famous portrait artist Basia Hamilton.

The Portrait Foundation is dedicated to unleashing the creative talent of children. This is achieved through art and, working with schools across the World. The Portrait Foundation runs extensive programs and competitions to engage children in painting.

The key program is a range of events where children are tutored to paint a portrait of their mother. Mothers are the unsung heroes of humanity, and are goddesses in their children’s eyes. To capture that key developmental stage, having children from five to sixteen years of age painting portraits of their mothers is incredibly illuminating and engaging.

The results are many different views using different media and these are then ‘judged’, with prizes awarded to encourage the children to continue their development of creativity. Prizes include art sets with paints, bicycles, tablet computers (iPads) and more.

The Portrait Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation and seeks funding to award these prizes from individuals and corporations, who wish to be associated with the next generation.

If you are interested in supporting the Portrait Foundation, please email for further information. Equally, if you are a school governor or teacher and want to engage with the Portrait Foundation’s programs, please also make contact.