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Why you should care about inequality, even if you don’t!


Gail Bradbrook, Co-Founder of Extinction Rebellion, joins her colleague Felix Barbour, to further address this challenge from an angry banker, who responded to her earlier blogs on this site. Maybe like HSBC’s Stuart Kirk, our angry banker is merely voicing what many of us silently think? The question then is, is he right? (Stuart Kirk…

#HSBC’s two-face strikes again


We had quite a few discussions around FinTech Week London and the line that seemed to catch people’s attention is: we must remove legacy thinking. There was debate about examples of legacy thinking. We need branches for advice; customers will always need cash (and checks!); only regulated markets by governments work; banks can only do…

Don’t beam me out Scotty!


I shared Gail Bradbrook’s and Andrew Cass’s ideas around ESG on Friday, the role of finance in this space, and how it isn’t working as it should. This elicited an interesting response from Jeff Scott, Chairman and Co-Founder of Rewired Earth, a group that promotes the United Nations Sustainability Development Goals to deliver actionable insight…

Beam me out, Scotty


As usual, I take time out on the first of each month to give Gail Bradbrook, co-founder of Extinction Rebellion, a platform to talk. This month, Gail has made connections with a disgruntled investment professional who has worked extensively in the ESG field (Cass, Andrew!) who wants to tell some hard truths about the (un)reality…

An interview with EFMA about the realities of digital for good

Digital Bankby

I just had a nice interview with EFMA (now Qorus) about the new book Digital for Good (available here), and thought I would share the interview here. Hope you like it. Qorus- It is not always easy to distinguish genuine leaders from clever communicators. How did you select the different people you gave the floor…

You can change the world


I hadn’t heard of the campaign make my money matter, until the other day. It’s all about igniting consumers to consider what their pension fund is funding. Every $10 you put into a pension allows $2 to be invested in deforestation, destroying biodiversity and raping our planet … or that’s the way the argument plays…

A circular economy or degrowth?

Digital Bankby

I launched the new book Digital for Good in London the other day, and was joined by many friends in my network. The main highlight of the event was a panel discussion on where we are going with four panellists: Gail Bradbrook, Co-founder, Extinction Rebellion Gihan A.M. Hyde, Founder & CEO, CommUnique Tram Anh Nguyen,…

A conversation between the angry banker and the activist consumer


For a few months now, I’ve given Gail Bradbrook, Co-Founder of Extinction Rebellion, a voice on this blog. The idea was to get understanding through talking. There have been many negative reactions, particularly this challenge from an angry banker. Since then, he has sent me several more negative emails, which I haven’t shared, but decided the…

Why HSBC’s head of ‘responsible’ investing is wrong


I watched Stuart Kirk’s speech at the FT Moral Money conference last week … … and, frankly, was astounded. He is now being side-lined, suspended, maybe sacked and certainly a pariah with anyone who cares about the future of our world. Why? Well, let’s just take three comments thrown out during his presentation: “Who cares…

Would you like to attend the launch of ‘Digital for Good’?


Chris Skinner, best-selling author of Digital Bank, Digital Human and Doing Digital, has just released his latest book Digital for Good, and it is now available on Amazon.   The book will be officially launched at CFTE on June 6, Canary Wharf, London (if you want to attend, sign up here). The evening will include a number of signed books to…

Chris’s latest book

Chris Skinner’s ‘Digital For Good’ Book Launch Event – CFTE

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