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The Emperor’s Clothes and Barclays Bank


Here’s the latest blog from Extinction Rebellion’s Co-founder Gail Bradbrook, with her colleagues Aidan Knox and Toby Gale (first, second and third are here). The Emperor’s Clothes and Barclays Bank “Some government and business leaders are saying one thing – but doing another. Simply put, they are lying. And the results will be catastrophic.” These…

What’s the new book about, Chris?

I had an interview the other day about my new book Digital for Good. It felt like it was a worthy discussion, so thought it worth sharing again today. What is the number for your new book “Digital for Good“? Do you have the same feelings as when your first book was released? I’ve released many books…

How can breaking bank windows be justified?


This latest blog from Dr Gail Bradbrook Co-Founder of Extinction Rebellion follows previous ones here and here. In it she responds further to this challenge from an angry anonymous banker… Dear Barclays Bank – Why I Believed You Wanted Me to Break Your Window Dear Anonymous Banker, Let’s address one key point of controversy in your…

Banks are funding $750 billion worth of fossil fuel projects EVERY YEAR


The new Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Working Group III report has just come out. The report looks into the progress made in limiting global emissions and the available mitigation options across systems and sectors in the short, medium, and long-term, and follows fast on the heels of reports I and II. Working Group…

The Next Big Thing: Green Digital Finance


My newest book comes out in June. The theme is the integration of finance, technology and ESG. It’s a subject that has been in the ascendancy for years, but became in vogue in the late 2010s. Now it is a thing. I worry some will therefore think I only came to think about it in…

When a rebel meets a banker


Recently, Dr. Gail Bradbrook of Extinction Rebellion allowed The Finanser to publish a guest piece, which was generally well received. However, one letter stood out as a rebuttal. Gail determined to reply to this view, and so the dialogue carries on below… When economics and investments are led by our better selves Dear Anonymous Banker, I…

A banker responds to Extinction Rebillion’s call


I had quite a lot of response to Gail Bradbrook’s post on February 1. It would be too much to share all, but this particular email from a friend (former CxO at a Big Bank) was the most detailed and illuminating, so I’m sharing it here. I’m sure Gail will respond to such critique in…

Finance and Climate: a guest post from the co-founder of Extinction Rebellion


I’ve recently engaged with Dr Gail Bradbrook, Co-Founder of Extinction Rebellion and asked if she would write a monthly column for The Finanser. Thankfully she agreed and so at the start of each month I will offer Gail a voice on The Finanser. Here is the first one:   Are we paid to be stupid and dishonest,…

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