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Life is good and life is bad … that’s life

I’ve felt European for most of my life, as the UK joined the EU back in 1973. Free travel and movement across borders, that grew from nine states to twenty eight, introduced a glorious period of open integration. Integration of trade and commerce and then, latterly, money and finance. The grand plan of the euro…

The UK makes its stake to create a better world outside the EU

The confusion of Brexit I often see headlines saying “Britain is leading Europe”. Britain is leading Europe in what? Fraud, tax avoidance, political shenanigans and more. Such headlines always make me laugh, as the media is writing as though Britain is still part of Europe. Did anyone forget about #Brexit? Britain has nothing to do…

Six years since #Brexit, where are we?

I don’t talk about Brexit much. As a Remainer, I was gutted Britain voted to leave. That was six years ago. Today is the sixth anniversary of that 2016 vote. In 2018, I left Britain to live in Europe. My sympathies lie in Europe and not in Britain. I made this clear when asked if…

What was that Brexit deal, again?

Britain has left the EU, but now I read headlines everywhere saying cross-border movements are impossible, Ireland is broken, the City was ignored, our fisherman cannot sell shellfish and so on and so forth. A disaster? Possibly but, on the other hand, everything that is wrong with the EU was illustrated by the Covid vaccine….

What would Winston Churchill say about #Brexit?

No one knows. He died in 1965 and, fifty-five years later, no one can say what his view on Brexit would be. But the question is being raised in The Independent this week (first of a five part series). They quote a few speeches by Churchill post-war and his views on Europe which, if anything,…

And even if finance gets a #Brexit deal, equivalence is not the answer

Following yesterday’s discussion of Brexit and it’s implications on financial services, there’s a little more to be said on this. For example, every year at The Financial Services Club, we are delighted to host our friend David Doyle who, with precision-based analysis, talks us through the implications of EU Regulations on the Financial Markets of Europe….

What’s the latest on #Brexit in banking then?

I’ve avoided any commentary on Brexit in recent times, as it seemed to be going nowhere. Finally, just ten days before deadline, the House of Commons voted that a deal could be done … just not in the deadline given. So, it now looks like 31st January, 2020. Maybe. The whole thing is a mess,…

How will UK FinTech fare in the future?

I just chaired a nice session at the Innovate Finance Global Summit (IFGS) focused upon the future of UK FinTech. For some reason, the question they asked us to focus upon was: What is holding the UK back in the global investment landscape? I didn’t really understand why we would debate that topic, as the…

Want a decent analysis of #Brexit from an EU view?

Another key theme of the weekend conference was Brexit, best summed up by one panellist as a decision made by a confused population about an issue their politicians can’t agree with, don’t want to implement and has no support. As a result, Theresa May is trying to keep the Conservative Party together; please the European Union;…

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