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Things worth reading: 12th July 2024

Things we’re reading today include … VBS scandal: Brains behind South Africa’s $130m ‘bank heist’ jailed – BBC News Deutsche Bank settles with trader who alleged he was Libor ‘fall guy’ ( Revolut’s Rise: If Only the Fast-Growing Bank Was a Bank – Bloomberg Deutsche Bank and HSBC are winning Europe’s AI talent war |…

Things worth reading: 9th July 2024

Things we’re reading today include … Customers of major UK banks hit by pay day delays ( ‘Enhanced Transparency and Money Management’ will define banks of the Future says JN Bank Executive – Voice Online ( Startup founded by CBE-winning fintech pioneer reports losses of £7.5m in 2023 – Australian Banking Association: Open Banking…

The Finanser’s Week: 1st July –7th July 2024

This week’s main blog discussions include … July 4th? It’s bank independence day! July 4 is always when my American friends give Britain the middle finger and proudly celebrate Paul Revere’s midnight ride that led to Independence Day on July 4, 1776. Great … but what about bank independence day? Most central banks, including the…

Things worth reading: 5th July 2024

Things we’re reading today include … 1 Top Cryptocurrency to Buy Before It Soars 13,000%, According to Michael Saylor of MicroStrategy | The Motley Fool Investors in cryptocurrency are more likely to be psychopaths, study claims | Daily Mail Online Revolut’s Uncertain Future in the Asia-Pacific Region | FinTech Alliance ( China’s central bank readies…

Things worth reading: 4th July 2024

Things we’re reading today include … A data breach at Evolve is hurting its many fintech partners | American Banker How should RegTechs be preparing for DORA? – FinTech Global Wirecard’s former CFO claims limited dealings with business after 2017 EPI Launches wero, Its Innovative Digital Payment Wallet in Germany, Alongside Founding Members – DSGV…

Things worth reading: 3rd July 2024

Things we’re reading today include … Revolut chair welcomes London listing overhaul as fintech reports record profits ( Venmo down updates — Mobile payment service hit with global outage as users complain of issues with app | ( Customers of major UK banks hit by pay day delays ( Bank of England stress test reveals…

Things worth reading: 2nd July 2024

Things we’re reading today include … Revolut boss confident on UK bank license approval after record profit ( Monzo introduces groundbreaking security features to combat UK fraud rise – FinTech Global The relationship between states and banks that shaped modern finance ( Fed stress test results surprise by raising bank capital requirements ( Dutch central…

Things worth reading: 1st July 2024

Things we’re reading today include … HSBC, Nationwide and Virgin Money hit by payment issues – BBC News A fintech collapse is rippling through a small corner of the banking world ( Citi was money launderers’ favourite bank, US law enforcement officials say ( UAE’s Central Bank Sets New Standards with Open Finance Regulation |…

The Finanser’s Week: 24th June – 30th June 2024

The main blog discussions this week include … A financial offer to die for I attended a meeting this week presenting a variety of startups and their ideas. All of them were great, but one stood out for me: Fairwill. Obviously playing on the word farewell, Fairwill provides an exit policy for humans … as…

Things worth reading: 28th June 2024

Things we’re reading today include … MiCA laws come into effect in Europe — Here’s what you need to know ( ChatGPT-4o builds an ideal $1,000 crypto portfolio for the second half of the year ( Digital bank tops list of 100 fastest-growing British businesses | The Independent LoopFX lands £2.6m investment from Augmentum Fintech…

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