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Things worth reading: 24th May 2024

Things we’re reading today include … HSBC fined over treatment of customers in financial difficulty – BBC News Saudi Arabia: Goldman (GS) Is First Wall Street Bank to Get Saudi HQ License – Bloomberg Stripe Tour London: Innovating Payments for Sustained Business Growth | FinTech Magazine Designing financial services for children with Sunshine+Kittens – FinTech…

Things worth reading: 23rd May 2024

Things we’re reading today include … Fintech firm pivots to porn and gambling | Evening Standard The comeback story for European banks is changing ( Bank fined after trader makes $444 billion ‘fat finger’ error ( Bank of America tech director leaves “on a high note” for Abu Dhabi ( The importance of central bank…

Things worth reading: 21st May 2024

Things we’re reading today include … JPMorgan highlight work-life balance for juniors after death of Bank of America associate ( ANZ app down: App and internet banking not working due to major outage | Daily Mail New York reaches $2bn settlement with crypto lender Genesis over fraud claims | Cryptocurrencies | The Guardian ‘The Beginning…

Things worth reading: 20th May 2024

Things we’re reading today include … More than 6,000 UK bank branches now gone in nine years of ‘disastrous’ closures | The Guardian Brutal bank closures leave millions stranded in banking deserts – Mirror Online DWP says bank account monitoring test found 60,000 benefit claimants were breaching rules ( Russian court seizes assets of Deutsche…

The Finanser’s Week: 13th May – 19th May 2024

This week’s main blog discussions include … What would Taylor Swift’s bank look like? Trust and money and day-to-day life go hand-in-hand. It’s all about who you deal with, how and the outcomes. Recently, I’ve lost trust with Apple, my bank, my friend and my brother. That’s pretty sad, isn’t it? But who do I…

Things worth reading: 16th May 2024

Things we’re reading today include … JPMorgan CEO issues stark warning about the US economy ( US brothers arrested for stealing $25m in crypto in just 12 seconds – BBC News Dutch fintech Adyen valued at up to $8.3 bln as investors seek shares ( Bank of America CEO: Why it matters that 21% of…

Things worth reading: 15th May 2024

Things we’re reading today include: Can banks really fix the climate crisis? ( The bankers’ new clothes: what’s wrong with banking and what to do about it ( US Banking Shake-Up: Could Half Of Banks Disappear? – Finimize bunq Makes its GenAI Assistant Finn Fully Conversational ( Younger generations lead scepticism in online banking amid…

Things worth reading: 14th May 2024

Things we’re reading today include … One bank’s brilliant upgrade was another bank’s crash • The Register Jacob Rees-Mogg accuses Bank of England of ‘miserable incompetence’ over inflation | Bank of England | The Guardian Britain’s next financial crash is coming. This time it won’t be the banks. – POLITICO Raiffeisen has been a rogue…

The Finanser’s Week: 6th May – 12th May 2024

This week’s main blog discussions include … It’s all about trust Building upon my blog about Revolut the other day, and their need for a banking license, I’ve been accused many times of coming back to a theme that you can only be a bank if you’re a bank with a license. Why do I…

Things worth reading: 10th May 2024

Things we’re reading today include … Crypto Market Watch: Bitcoin touches $63,000 mark; notable increase in cryptocurrency market cap – BusinessToday Monument Bank latest challenger bank to sell “in a box” tech, as snaps up first client – Spanish bank bosses go head-to-head after BBVA turns hostile | Reuters Traditional banking approach more valued…

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