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Things worth reading: 27th June 2024

Things we’re reading today include … Revolut engineers who received £80k bonuses in 2019 are now sitting on £600k+ ( Fintechs set for ‘substantial uptick’ in stock market listings as UK investment rebounds ( Big banks pass Fed stress test as they fight stricter capital rules ( Central banks urged to keep pace with ‘game…

Things worth reading: 26th June 2024

Things we’re reading today include … Barclays boss says calls for bank to abandon oil and gas are unrealistic ( Gang posts links to ‘juicy bank information’ from Federal Reserve ‘hack’ on the dark web | Daily Mail Online Progress on the preparation phase of a digital euro – First progress report ( City boss:…

Things worth reading: 25th June 2024

Things we’re reading today include: Alipay+ sees 67% rise in transactions during first week of Euro Championship EU prosecutors launch bombshell corruption probe into former European Investment Bank chief – POLITICO HSBC Leads $250 Million Loan to Fintech Startup FundPark – Bloomberg US Bank Capital Rules: Federal Reserve Floats Weaker Version of Planned Overhaul –…

Things worth reading: 24th June 2024

Things we’re reading today include … Labour-backing boss of UK lender criticises banks ‘subsidised by taxpayers’ | The Independent German bank Baader to launch ‘AI-enhanced’ active ETF ( Revolut’s $40 Billion Valuation Will Outpace Banks ( UK bank wants to give people £175 each for free ( FinTech Australia finds open banking use cases rise…

The Finanser’s Week: 17th June – 23rd June 2024

This week’s main blog discussions include … Weaponising bank branch closures The UK has an election in July. The likely winner is the left-of-centre Labour Party, after 14 years of the righter wing Conservative Party. The new leader will be Sir Kier Starmer, a guy described as a “political robot”. Nevertheless, his party has created a…

Things worth reading: 21st June 2024

Things we’re reading today include … Citi Sees AI Displacing More Bank Jobs Than Any Other Sector ( Teens could lose bank accounts and driving licences for snubbing national service, Rishi Sunak says | The Independent Deutsche’s private bank cuts spending on external consultants by 70% ( Sainsbury’s sells banking arm to NatWest | Business…

Things worth reading: 18th June 2024

Things we’re reading today include … Cryptocurrency Industry is Targeted Most in Deepfake Frauds ( Synapse bankruptcy puts bank-fintech partnerships on notice | American Banker JPMorgan’s Latest Fintech Fight Highlights the Pain of Sellers’ Remorse – Bloomberg National Australia Bank builds ‘customer brain’ using Pega to make digital banking more human ( Four-day week easier…

Things worth reading: 17th June 2024

Things we’re reading today include … Taylor Swift’s London Eras Tour could delay Bank of England rate cut ( UK fintech job vacancies surge as investors flock back to London ( Bank of England issues urgent warning to anyone with a mortgage ( HSBC boss knighted despite bank’s controversial links to China ( How do…

The Finanser’s Week: 10th June – 16th June 2024

This week’s main blog discussions include … What the Finternet? The Bank of International Settlements (BIS), the guys who create the Basel rules and control much of the way the global banking system works, released a paper the other day about the Finternet: “the financial system for the future”. The idea is that all of…

Things worth reading: 14th June 2024

Things we’re reading today include … Trump Says ‘All’ Bitcoin Mining Should Be In The US ( NHS chief calls for controls on cryptocurrency gambling after rise in addiction problems ( This new King Charles £5 note sells for £11,000 at Bank of England auction | This is Money Wells Fargo fires workers over fake…

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