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What’s your purpose?


I find the world fascinating. Humans are amazing. We just launched the James Webb Telescope to see world’s formed billions of years ago and the Elizabeth Line. Both are engineering projects of immense challenge, and immense cost, as covered by many documentaries. Then I read that Chinese social media celebrates the assassination of Shinzo Abe,…

Things worth reading: 27th September 2021


Things we’re reading today include … IMF chief denies trying to boost China in World Bank rankings Central Banks Turning Slowly in Ending Pandemic’s Easy Money Era Bank Australia suffers outage, leaves customers stranded for hours ‘India needs at least 4-5 more banks like SBI’ Evergrande Was Credit Suisse «One-Bank» Client New bank with multiracial…

Things worth reading: May the Fourth, 2021

Things we’re reading today include … Ethereum punches through $3,000 with market cap bigger than Bank of America Central Bank-Issued Digital Coins Seen Co-Existing With Bitcoin Digital Dollar Project to launch five U.S. central bank digital currency pilots UK banks’ support for coal industry has risen since 2015 Paris climate pact NEW REPORT: Bank Use…

Five 2021 technology predictions


I was looking for any decent reports on the big tech trends for 2021 and first of all  stumbled upon an interesting report from 2017. This was for the World Economic Forum, who surveyed 800 experts on their views of the key technologies for the future, and found seven major areas to focus upon: Robots…

Fintech Saudi and Digital Banking

Like most markets worldwide, the Middle East – or is that Western Asia? – has been sorely impacted by the pandemic crisis. Luckily not as much as Europe and the Americas, thanks to strict lockdowns and border closures, but this still creates a new paradigm shift in thinking. A shift towards being truly digital. With many…

Why big banks get bigger (it’s all about Pac-Man)


I’ve spent a long time writing about how bad banks are with technology and digital transformation … but I’ve never said banks will be eaten by technology. So many other companies and industries are destroyed by technology, but banking is not one of them. I laugh when I read about The End of Banking, Banking…

Where was the digital backup to our physical structure?


The coronavirus crisis has hit everyone sudden and hard. We originally thought it was a Chinese crisis and now it’s a global one. It’s shut down economies worldwide and the banking system has been asked to step in fast and address the crisis. Governments worldwide have asked banks to give out loans to large and…

The Stories We Tell Ourselves About Open Banking


I recently spotted a great write-up on Open Banking by Alex Johnson, who has kindly agreed I can republish it. So, here we go … The Stories We Tell Ourselves About Open Banking Distinguishing between what’s true and what we want to be true. Alex Johnson  Source: FicoFinTech The trouble with Open Banking is that…

Things worth reading: 7th February 2020


Things we’re reading today include … AMP fined $5m for allowing financial advisers to rip off clients Overdrafts: A guide to your changing bank fees Exclusive: Goldman Sachs to raise $8 billion for new buyout fund – sources What the coronavirus means for financial markets ING hit by sharp rise in bad debts Spooked UK…

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