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Technology is business

Another interesting nuance of the FinTech Bank is the integration of business and technology. I’ve referenced this a few times, but wanted to be explicit that these banks think technology is business and business is technology. This is clearly demonstrated in their microservices team structures and agile thinking. Auditors, compliance, financial and marketing people sit…

Is the bank talking or walking digital?

I’ve been blogging about digital transformation and one commentator asked me to qualify what I actually meant by a bank ‘transforming’ versus the others. This is something I intended to blog about but Bill Streeter over at The Financial Brand beat me to it in his reporting of research by BDO, the American assurance, tax, and…

Things worth reading: 5th February 2019

Things we’re reading today include … Cryptocurrency investors locked out of $190m after exchange founder dies Citi says prosecution delay hampers defense in Australia cartel case with ANZ, Deutsche Loose money era leaves trail of U.S. corporate debt junkies Barclays bosses pressured by Qatar to mask Gulf state PM’s holding, court told Non-bank lenders thrive…

Financial literacy is the scourge of our times

One of the issues I have with financial services is that it’s frightening. You might not think so, but I grew up in a world of cushioned money. I didn’t know much about money at all. The most I knew about money is begging for more pocket money. The Bank of Mum and Dad was…

AI is only as good as the people who program it

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is moving at a pace, creating a really interesting online debate the other day about its applications. Specifically, the question was raised about self-driving cars and how they make decisions. For example, when a self-driving car crashes, who should die? This is a question explored in depth by researchers from the MIT…

The digital divide: inclusion must not create exclusion

I have one slight concern as we go cashless, having experienced it myself. You cannot go cashless if it does not include everyone. I had this experience in China. Arriving on a Sunday lunchtime at the Holiday Inn Express hotel, I successfully checked in and had a nice room with an empty fridge. Downstairs, being…

Why banks have armies of developers

I sometimes write blog posts that I actually disagree with. I write it to provoke reactions, and to test my own thinking. As a result, I think I usually annoy people in banks who read my writing but, instead, I actually get a quite a lot of compliments, for testing bank thinking. That is why…

Things worth reading: 20th September 2018

Things we’re reading today include … Funding Circle seeks valuation of up to £1.8bn in IPO Social media could destabilise the economy, Bank of England warns  Danske bank chief resigns over €200bn money-laundering scandal World Bank reports slower progress on extreme poverty TSB to bid for £833m RBS fund despite IT meltdown Bank of America…

Things worth reading: 27th August 2018

Things we’re reading today include … Powell sets Fed’s course with data-based judgment UK’s biggest payday lender Wonga ‘on the brink of collapse’ Britons seem relatively relaxed in the face of Brexit apocalypse | Larry Elliott Wonga ‘on brink of collapse’ after surge in compensation claims The mood on Brexit is turning. Labour can turn…

Things worth reading: 22nd August 2018

Things we’re reading today include … Bank of England’s chief economist warns A.I. could threaten ‘large’ amount of jobs Bank Branches Are Closing At A Record Pace. Here’s Why JPMorgan Chase Is Opening More Big banks are getting ready for an uncertain future JPMorgan undercuts discount brokerages on trades Greece may still be Europe’s sick…

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