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Our future is where we do not think about money, but money thinks for us

As someone who has been writing most of his life, and specifically books for two decades, the singular focus on technology and finance has been an interesting journey. The breakthrough came in the early 2010s for me, when Digital Bank was released. Since then, I’ve travelled the world meeting visionaries in banking, finance and technology,…

FinTech4kids, Part 5, Biometrics and Identity

When I wrote the Captain Cake series and pivoted to be a children’s author as well as a FinTech guy, a friend said that I should write a children’s book about FinTech, which I did. It’s not something aimed at publication as a book, but thought I would share with you what I came up…

The debate about whether to use slides or not

After talking about presentations yesterday, I’ve spent a long time presenting with slides. The slides help to tell the stories. Moving from slides with lots of text and bullet points to slides with pictures was my thing. Then slide decks with embedded video became a thing. Now, presentations with GIFs, video, pictures, text and a…

The future of money: a speech by the Governor of the Bank of England

Last week the Governor of the Bank of England, Andrew Bailey, gave a virtual speech at the Brookings Institute on the future of money, technology, payments, digital currencies and central bank digital currencies. It’s an interesting speech, and worth sharing here. Enjoy. Reinventing the Wheel (with more automation) Speech given by Andrew Bailey, Governor of…

What’s next, after digital?

I was invited to do a keynote for a Canadian conference the other day, but on a subject different to my normal digital stuff. The theme was sustainable finance. I decided to take a different tack and talk about my other big passion: purpose-driven banking. Here’s the presentation and transcript. Trust it makes sense ……

Chris Skinner’s TEDx Talk

I am honoured and privileged to list on my profile that I have been an advisor to the White House, World Bank, World Economic Forum and United Nations. Now I can add TEDx Speaker. I was invited to TEDx Athens this year and delivered a short (15 minute) keynote which is now live on the…

Digital finance includes everyone (speech transcript)

I thought I would share my speech at last week’s UN meeting and the short version is summarised nicely by the UN’s press page: Chris Skinner, an author and commentator from the United Kingdom, discussed the promise of “fintech” — which integrates finance and technology — to extend financial services to more people in ways…

Banking with a human touch (guest speech transcript)

Some bankers took exception to my calling them some of them morally bankrupt and socially useless. I’m not surprised, as I used those phrases intentionally to be provocative. Equally, I wasn’t saying that all bankers are corrupt and useless, just some. Some big names, but not all. Equally, I have said that some banks are…

FinTech or TechFin (speech transcript)

I recently gave a speech where the title was FinTech or TechFin?  Everyone had been given a copy of my book Digital Human, and the speech was transcribed. Here it is:   FinTech or TechFin?  Thank you for inviting me to join you here. It is a great honour. I’m a technologist and spent all my…

Open Banking: Strategy and Presentation

I haven’t given away my slides and presentation for a while, as it’s part of my unique armoury, but I’m bored with my latest slide deck so here it is.  Open Banking Strategy and Business Model from Chris Skinner And just in case it doesn’t make sense, here’s a video me presenting it. …

Intelligent Money: Our Future Is Where We Do Not Think About Money, As Our Money Thinks For Us

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