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Hello, would you like to be our CEO?

I was imagining if I walked into a big bank job today. You are hired as CEO of Mega-Global-Bank PLC. What’s going on? Well, number one, no-one has any idea where the economy is going. There’s a global pandemic. Everything is up in the air, and we have lots of companies with huge amounts of…

The FinTech Startup Pitch on “Shark’s Den”

A new series of Shark’s Den is about to launch. You know the one, where investors meet young people who pitch ideas and, if they like them, they invest a bit of money for 80% of the business? I love the way the sharks ask questions like: How much are you making? What’s the price?…

Are you a robot?

With one of my financial providers I am an uber, super, mega, gold, wipe-my-ass, top tier client. They usually offer me champagne and free peanuts, and will go the extra mile to deal with me. Very nice (as Borat would say it). Thing is, I haven’t needed to call them for a year – their…


I woke up and, as usual, checked the banking app for any updates or changes. There was a payment received.  Quite a major payment. It came from BIG NUTS ASS*. BIG NUTS ASS*? Who is BIG NUTS ASS*? I have no idea. I rang the bank. That took a long time. Due to coronavirus, we…

Oh no! It’s Bankenstein …

For years, we’ve talked about banks having a spaghetti systems structure aligned to a line of business product-centric organisation, that focuses upon the internal sales process rather than the customer. It’s true, but it’s due to the longevity of many banks. Some banks are over 500 years old and most countries have banks that are…

PC Banking

I made a joke the other day about visiting PC World, and you really have to watch what you say in there. Swimming with dolphins, using the word f**k, taking Rule Britannia out of the Proms, using the phrase nitty gritty, the list goes on. The tippy-toe issues are highlighted brilliantly by this comedy sketch,…

Do we rely too much on technology?

I’ve seen many people struggling during lockdown when their WiFi goes down. In fact, in the UK, TalkTalk and Sky Broadband have seen some big issues with celebrities complaining and those who are vulnerable not only losing their internet access but also their telephone access during lockdown Christmas. Not good. It made me think about whether…

We need some Zoom etiquette

Do you switch video on or not? 2020 has seen the big switch to video conferencing. Why didn’t we do it before? We’ve had video conferencing available on our phones and PC’s for years. Why is it we only switched this year? Because we are all distancing. Before March 2020, everyone would connect on a…

Talking to the elephant in the room

Yes, we’re all doing stuff from our home offices. I don’t know what your office is like, but mine’s quite nice. I like it. Until I noticed a strange smell yesterday. Didn’t know what it was, so I had to look around the room a lot, then suddenly realised … … there was an elephant…

The Karaoke Challenge: Gold digger

It seems my Karaoke Challenge is proving successful so far, with many readers asking me to cover a song they think would be funny with my quirky twist. Whilst I’m getting all of these requests, I’ll keep up my feeble attempts to entertain until I’m travelling and too busy again. This particular request I couldn’t…

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