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What’s hot and what’s not in fintech?

In a long strategy session yesterday, we were trying to list the things that are hot and what’s not in fintech. So, what’s hot? Obviously crypto and AI. However, those are the headline buckets, what’s the detail? The detail is the use cases of crypto and AI. This is something I say often, as you…

How can we be data-driven when we’re data-dumb?

I’ve written a lot about how banks are dumb with data because they’re spread over so many systems with massive technical debt, and yet every bank is now saying to me that they are “data driven” with “digital at the core”. Really? Most of those banks, when I look under the hood, are bankensteins. These…

How can we create an innovation culture in a zero-risk company?

Presenting to a group of banking people the other day, the constant question was about risk, return, regulation and compliance. It actually became quite irritating until one person said: “how can we create an innovation transformation culture in a zero-risk company?” It then hit me: these guys cannot do this. It’s too hard. I’ve had…

Payments and FinTech in South Africa: two reports

Just had a wonderful time in South Africa, a country I love to visit. Going between Johannesburg and Cape Town, there were many great meetings and networking opportunities, and it made me realise how vibrant the African fintech scene is after my recent visit to Cairo. Cape Town is particularly noteworthy as one of the…

One account to rule them all?

I was having a chat with some friends about the good old days, where everything was domestic and local. We had passbooks, cheques, cash and branches. Ah, those were the days. Life was simple, money was all in one place and easy to manage. Then the ATM came about and so we moved to cards…

What’s the future of card schemes?

I got into a new debate yesterday, talking with two guys who are formerly with big card companies (shush, you know who), and we started debating the four-pillar model that’s been around for the last half century. The model is the basis of the card industry and involves acquiring merchants, issuing cards through banks, and then…

Banks are not stupid … just massively challenged

I talk a lot about the platform economy where the network joins us all together. In that economy, like life on Earth, there are many players. 1000’s of companies, millions of people and billions of capital. The question is: how to connect them? The answer is to be a connector in the connected economy, and…

A world without borders

We all know the world is changing. Every day, we see things changing. The only constant is change. This makes the state we live in today very interesting. I can send a crypto payment from London to Nairobi instantly but, for various reasons, I cannot make a payment to my own account today. That is…

How to digitally refresh to be fit for the future

I recently wrote a white paper for XBP Europe, which you can download (see later). It’s all about how to be fit for the future and digital transformation, my usual subjects. Just to give a taste of the paper, here’s a small extract: The obvious answer is to digitise the corporation. The harder question is:…

Real-time flexible finance is now

Ever since Trov, the real-time insurance firm, appeared on the scene, I’ve been wondering what else could real-time finance do. If you are not aware, Trōv allows you to insure a smartphone or laptop or anything else you value for hours, even minutes. The company no longer exists – it was acquired by Travelers Insurance…

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