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Rebel, Rebel, you tore your notes; hot world, I need your votes

Money Rebellion I’m finding the world a bit surreal – is it just me? Locked down for a year; totalitarian states; governments attacking people; governments killing people; black lives matter; wars rising; tensions rising; demonstrations on the streets; no concerts, entertainment or hospitality … the list goes on. Meantime, there are basic issues that still…

The Roaring 2020s

I blogged the other day about a $3 trillion spending spree, that I just didn’t see happening. The points I made were: it is the higher income families who have been most comfortable during this lockdown, along with essential workers who have seen no change in pay; but who has savings? most people have had…

What is normal?

I’m watching the news. We’re all locked down. Britain just introduced £5,000 fines for unnecessary travel whilst the TV correspondents interview their counterparts in Dubai who say that they get massive fines for not wearing face masks. What is going on? It’s a really weird world where you are punished for going outside. In some…

The $3 trillion bounce back

Bloomberg wrote the other day that “consumers in the world’s largest economies amassed $2.9 trillion in extra savings during Covid-related lockdowns, a vast cash hoard that creates the potential for a powerful recovery from the pandemic recession”. I was pretty riled about this paragraph and headline, as it’s a total mis-hit imho. First who has savings?…

The world is good, bad and mad

Like all of us, I’m fed up with coronavirus coverage and Groundhog Day days. I talk to other folks, they feel the same. Then I realise it’s not a World War. I’m not worried about losing my life. I’m not going to take risks and expose myself to the virus, if I can possibly avoid…

How have bankers views changed pre- and post- pandemic? [Free Research]

I recently got involved in some research that Salesforce put together at the end of last year. They surveyed 2,800 financial services leaders in two waves just before and after the pandemic hit. The first was fielded from November 12 through December 12, 2019 that generated responses from 1,400 leaders in insurance, retail banking, and…

Making money out of a crisis

We have terrible moments of human strife and suffering. Wars, famine, pandemics, earthquakes and more. People dying, parents and friends lost, grief and tears, a world that could not be worse … … But for some, it’s good times. There’s always money to be made out of a crisis. I was reminded of this when…

And when the Great Unlock happens, what happens to challengers?

As I ponder the world and everything, this article by Jemima Kelly in The Financial Times keeps coming back to me: The virus has crushed the challenger bank dream In it she says things like: There comes a time in your life that you realise that some of the friends you used to consider good…

Brace yourself for the Great Unlock

Way back in March 2020 – what month is it now? – I said that lockdown would be a challenge for all. Obviously. Now, so many months later – what year is it now? – it is clear that has challenged all. Personally, I see two massive rifts: the physical and the digital. In the…

Friction-free commerce: what are you doing    

During this health crisis, everything has changed a lot. We are at home, home schooling, home learning, home entertaining, home working and more. Great. That’s all good. Yes and no. Mental health has become a big issue and is something everyone is talking about more as, after all, if you say at home for days,…

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