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How can you oversee an algorithm you can’t explain?

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After yesterday’s blog How can you oversee a system you don’t see?, Ricardo replied on twitter: So, I investigated how our social media platforms’ algorithms fail, and there are lots of examples. Let’s start with Facebook. Facebook’s algorithm is blamed for the spread of misinformation and divisive content, radicalising users and failing to protect them from some of the most…

People who fear being tracked and traced … it’s too late

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For years now there has been a discussion of having chips inside humans. I was presenting this idea twenty years ago, and often used the example of the Baja Beach Club. The idea made sense: get a club chip inserted under the skin and you need no wallet or phone … just dance. It particularly…

The nuances of BaaS

I don’t know if you’ve noticed a new start-up called Column, but it’s worth watching as it’s a chartered bank in America created by the co-founder of Plaid, William Hockey, and his wife Anne. What’s Column all about? The problem the Hockeys are trying to solve is that fintechs and large tech companies often need…

The crypto crept in and is not creeping out


Having spent the last decade saying that cryptocurrencies were rubbish (bankers) or the future (libertarians), I really enjoyed this new report from Thomson Reuters (which you can download for free here if you register). Therefore, thought I’d post the summary and tease you to clickthrough … SPECIAL REPORT: Cryptos on the rise 2022 — a…

Why new banks should also be worried

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New banks have great opportunities. They can fix all the things old banks do badly, using a clean sheet of paper. But sometimes they get it wrong. For example, many are fans of Monzo, one of the fastest growing UK challenger banks. I’m a fan, but have noticed one issue that keeps getting social media…

Why old banks should be worried


I had an interesting comment the other day from a friend who said that he had worked with incumbents and start-ups. The big difference is that the incumbent views digital as a cost-cutting exercise, whilst the start-up sees it as a customer-enhancing opportunity. It rang a bell with me. Having spent so long dealing with…

What if cancel culture leads to being financially cancelled?

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I saw an interesting letter in Metro the other day: A world where you can be financially cancelled A thought on what is described as ‘cancel culture’. Once all money is digital, the ability will exist to cancel people from buying or selling anything, just as they can be cancelled from social media today. Will…

You are the Apple of my wallet

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I never used the Apple wallet until recently. Reason being that I didn’t need to. Then the pandemic hit, and I wanted to avoid using cash, so all of my cards that would work with Apple loaded into the phone. Interestingly some cards would not load but hey, contactless and cardless is the way. Then…

The metaverse will be worth trillions

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I stumbled across an interesting white paper from Citi the other day saying that the metaverse is an $8 to $13 TRILLION opportunity: “The total addressable market for the Metaverse could be between $8 trillion and $13 trillion by 2030, with total Metaverse users numbering around five billion. But getting to that market level is…

Change Management means CHANGE the management

Digital Bankby

I don’t know why we talk about digital transformation when we should be simply talking about transformation. What is happening has nothing to do with technologies, but is driven by technological change. In other words, it’s not a digital transformation. It’s a change management transformation, and all those familiar with change management will be aware…

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