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Why Revolut needs a banking licence

It’s all about the difference between an emoney provider and a bank … I’ve been having an ongoing debate with a Revolut fan about the fact that they have an emoney licence, as an EMI (Electronic Money Institution), and that they are not a bank in Britain. It’s part of the ongoing debate about their…

OK, so there are some next big things (not)

I say there is no next big thing, just the evolution of what we have right now, but there are two areas highlighted by the Future Today Institute in their Tech Trends Report 2024, which you might claim are the major changes on the horizon, rather than the next big thing. These are namely AI and…

There is no next big thing in banking

I’ve been trying to think of the next big thing. Someone asked me on a conference call: what’s the next big thing? I’ve always been on top of the next big thing. Whether it’s the metaverse, AI, blockchain, cloud computing or whatever, there’s always the next big thing. So, what is the next big thing?…

A portal of knowledge for free from Mckinsey

I just discovered a portal of information from McKinsey. Now, now, now … I know you may love or hate McKinsey but bear in mind that all their staff have an Upper Second Grade or First Grade degree, OK?So, I start delving into their portal that answers questions like: What is inflation? What is quantum computing?…

The magic of money and the end of Numismatics

I’ve been collecting rare coins and bank notes for years, and have a great collection that could send a dinner party to sleep before the main course is served. Yet I’m now worried that my hobby – called numismatics – is over as we go digital. What is numismatics? According to the Corporate Finance Institute, it…

The things that AI will never tell you

As a seasoned traveller, I know an awful lot about flying through Heathrow Airport, and it is always frustrating me about how the airport is structured. By way of example if you land at Heathrow terminal 4 and 5, the newer terminals, they have on-site hotels, the Hilton and Sofitel respectively. However, if you land…

I just debanked my bank … before they debanked me

There’s a huge furore in Britain about debanking: the process where a bank says we cannot trust you anymore so get lost. It happened to Nigel Farage, a high profile figure, and now it’s happened to me. What happened? My bank basically decided that my regular withdrawals from a crypto exchange looked like money laundering…

Am I financial marmite?

At a conference the other day, a banker came up to me and said “oh, you’re that fintech guy who throws rocks at us all the time”. A short while later, a fintech founder came up to me and said “oh, you’re the banking guy who thinks we will all fail”. Interestingly, a short time…

Intelligent Money: When Money Thinks For You

My new book arrives soon. Titled Intelligent Money and sub-titled When Money Thinks For You, it should be a monster. You can order it from today here on Amazon and all other good book stores. What’s the book about? It’s all about Generative Finance where AI integrates with money. In preparation for this new book,…

WTF … who the finanser are you?

The bank that wants to verify my identity but cannot accept the information … OMG, what’s going on? Under new UK government rules, there’s been a crackdown on money laundering and customer identity in the banking system. The response of the banks has been archaic to say the least. By way of example I blogged…

Intelligent Money: Our Future Is Where We Do Not Think About Money, As Our Money Thinks For Us

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