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Are you a Chinese bull or bear?

I’m hearing murmurs of a financial crisis rising again.  It’s just rumours and gossip, but sometimes there’s no smoke without fire.  My forecast for another major global financial crisis was that it wouldn’t occur until the 2040s but, as James Dimon noted, a financial crisis generally appears around every seven …

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Money Sandboxes Research

I recently had exposure to two industry reports that are worth bringing to your attention.  The first is the Innovate Finance research into Industry Sandboxes. Commissioned by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), the UK regulator, the aim was to identify how Industry Sandboxes, rather than Regulatory Sandboxes, can help to …

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Welcome to the Semantic Web

Last Friday, I presented a new theme around the Semantic Bank to the The Next Web audience. I also wrote a bit about it the other day here.  I thought I would expand a little more on the background to the Semantic Bank by talking in more depth about artificial intelligence, machine …

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