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Black Mirror, Season 7, Episode 3: The Office

One of my favourite series, Black Mirror, is about to return to Netflix for Series 6. So, it made me think about the future world and thought I would give an outline of an episode. I’m no screenwriter but … you never know. Black Mirror, Season 7, Episode 3: The Office I’m living in a…

What would we do if electricity stopped tomorrow?

I received a bunch of interesting pings this week, but a few stood out. The main one was about the climate impact of crypto: Ethereum has managed to massively decrease its annual CO2 emissions as it has moved to a proof-of-stake blockchain. In 2021, it was creating a huge 21.95 million tons of CO2, which…

We have Open Banking … can’t we have an Open World? #Davos

This week is Davos week when the mega-rich and powerful gather in a mountaintop miles away from any airport access, apart from private aircrafts of course. The theme of this week’s Davos is Co-operation in a Fragmented World “We see the manifold political, economic and social forces creating increased fragmentation on a global and national…

I see dead people #CES

It’s pretty obvious that technology is changing how we relate to each other. From social media and trolling to creating avatars and the metaverse, our world is moving rapidly to one where we could feel more engaged with a hologram than with a real person sitting next to us. These things are illustrated by so…

Without branches, are banks redundant?

I found it interesting to post that Société Générale is launching a new retail bank in France … “By 2025, the merged entity hopes to have 25,000 staff and operate 1,450 branches” … at the same time as another headline announces that bank branches are needed now more than ever … “The most popular reason for turning…

Netflix to launch “A Fried Bankman” starring Sam Bankman-Fried?

A preview of Michael Lewis’s FTX series: “A Fried Bankman” During the holiday season, I binge-watched Billions once more. It’s a great series, and up there with West Wing and House of Cards. But it is fiction based on fact. The fiction is the dramatisation of a hedge fund skating on thin ice against the…

What’s in store for banking in 2023?

Having covered the general economic outlook, let’s take a specific view of the banking sector. Not FinTech. Banking. According to Bloomberg, there will be six key trends emerging in the banking space: Big Banks Will Be Fine: big banks are well-positioned to weather what is expected to be a turbulent year. While capital levels are…

How the world looks in 2023

Welcome to 2023 and happy new year! Thanks for coming back and it is truly appreciated. As usual, we start the year with a range of predictions. We’ll talk through those this week, from what will happen to banking, fintech and cryptocurrencies. On first day however, let’s take a look at the general global and…

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