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Technology in 2022: intelligence is the key


In the final part of my welcome to 2022 series, here are the big trends in technology in general (not just FinTech). According to the World Economic Forum, there are ten key technologies to watch including 3D printing houses, tracking humans through the network and getting drugs through apps. That’s only ten things, so Forbes goes…

Payments in 2022: Some are making a Big Mistake


Focusing just on the payments space, there are many folks making forecasts for 2022. Here are the highlights. The Financial Brand lists seven major trends for 2022: The ‘P2P’ Wars Will Continue Unabated Despite All the New Stuff, Cards (and Cash) Roll On BNPL: The Payments Wild Card It’s A Wallet! It’s a Platform! It’s Super…

Banking in 2022: what’s going to happen?

Digital Bankby

Banking in 2022 has a number of forecasters. Deloitte claim that banks are at a make-or-break moment. I agree. My feeling is that banks are dealing with digital transformation – a thing they should have dealt with a decade ago. For the next decade, they need to deal with investment transformation. Why? Because of the link…

Welcome to 2022


I used to make predictions to start the year. I’m not doing that anymore, as everyone else is doing them. I will add a few thoughts at the end of this week’s series of blog entries but, for the moment, here’s my selection of what’s going to happen in 2022. You had one job ……

The importance of financial literacy

Digital Bankby

“When I was a lad, I got four shillings and sixpence every week for pocket money.” “Luxury! I was whipped in two by my dad and lived in a shoebox by the motorway!” says my friend. OK, enough revival of old Monty Python sketches, but the point is that children do need to know about…

It’s not FinTech vs Bank or CBDC vs Crypto


I’ve seen a lot of discussions of adversaries. It’s FinTech versus Bank, central bank currencies versus decentralised currencies. The commentary makes it appear like a big battle. I disagree. It’s not a battle or a war. It’s a change to the system based upon progress, development and technology. For example, I don’t see FinTech replacing…

How do you self-regulate?


There was an old game called Scruples that asked what would you do in a particular situation. What would you do if you discovered your best friend was cheating on their partner? Would you tell the partner? What would you do if you knew your colleague was stealing from the company? Would you tell the…

Who regulates crypto … everyone’s involved but nobody’s in charge


I’m worried that the older I get, the more cynical I get. I watch developments of governments, regulators, banks and business, and keep thinking: these guys are corrupt. But corruption is part of our DNA it seems. It’s purely a matter of transparency that will change this. Then I think about our world today, and…

Do you want to be known as the banker who said ‘no’ to Walt Disney?


Everyone is talking a lot about the metaverse these days. What is the metaverse? It’s a progression of how we live. My father used to read books as a kid, and the books would entertain him and come life in his head. I grew up with comics and the illustrations would give me hours of…

What’s worth more: Armycoin or Swiftiecoin?


We teach our children to read and write. It’s a priority. Why don’t we teach them to understand money? Surely financial literacy is as important as basic literacy? Some people get this, and some people don’t, but I woke up to this big time reading a few recent articles. For example, Claer Barrett writes in…

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