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Q: Can Elon Musk create PayPalX? A: Unlikely

There have been quite a lot of annoying changes to twitter in recent months. Rebranded as X with a scruffy looking logo, the service is trying to monetize its users by making the services more and more difficult to use … unless you pay. From an owners view, that makes sense. The platform needs to…

The World in 2050 (according to Roland Berger)

You all know that I love future trend watching and so when I stumbled across Roland Berger’s Compendium of Future Trends through 2050 … how could I resist? After all, I have already given my view on the world of 2050, but Roland Berger may be more credible as they ar a global consulting firm competing…

Our future is where we do not think about money, but money thinks for us

As someone who has been writing most of his life, and specifically books for two decades, the singular focus on technology and finance has been an interesting journey. The breakthrough came in the early 2010s for me, when Digital Bank was released. Since then, I’ve travelled the world meeting visionaries in banking, finance and technology,…

Does embedded, intelligent money mean we have been assimilated?

Thinking about money being inside my head, it already is in many ways. When I go around paying for things, I’m not focused upon my balances but on living my life. In the back of my head is that awareness that debits are going down and credits up, but the actual numbers are generic and…

What will happen when your brain is ’embedded’?

I was thinking about embedded, intelligent finance and imagining the future. There are many scenarios, but one that I kept returning to is when you have infi inside (intelligent finance inside). A chip in your brain, and you can run your life on automatic. It may seem phantasmagorical but there are several examples of where…

You can’t handle the truth

My typical day is spent with news channels in the background. It makes me feel like I’m in an office. The non-stop chat and talk of people about the problems of our world. Thing is that, the more you hear global news, the more you get depressed. Good news is not news. The celeb gossip,…

15 technologies that will change the world

Although we can mock consulting houses, their research can prove incredibly useful. This is why I’ve just put McKinsey’s top 15 technology trends report at the top of my inbox. Here is the summary McKinsey Technology Trends Outlook 2023 After a tumultuous 2022 for technology investment and talent, the first half of 2023 has seen…

Everybody wants to rule the world … well no, Apple does

Apple rules the world. Assailed by Google/Alphabet, Facebook/Meta, Samsung and more, Apple has sustained an incredible trajectory to become a three-trillion-dollar company. Apple is now worth more than the entire FTSE100 list of companies … In terms of competitors, only Microsoft comes close which, some say, is mainly due to OpenAI’s ChatGPT, but Apple’s dominance is…

WFH? WTF? The huge debate about remote working rumbles on …

Related to the end of cities – yesterday’s blog – is the fascinating friction between employers and employees over where to work these days. Some believe you have to come back and work in the office whilst others protest and claim you can work from anywhere, even on the beach. Who is wrong, or are both…

Is the City going the way of the shopping mall?

I’ve blogged several times that, as people move to online everything, the retail main street stores and shopping malls are dying. In a similar fashion, bank branches are closing faster than ever and becoming restaurants or coffee houses So, inevitably the question has to come up: what about the post-pandemic City? Bloomberg reports that “oversized…

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