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Netflix to launch “A Fried Bankman” starring Sam Bankman-Fried?

A preview of Michael Lewis’s FTX series: “A Fried Bankman” During the holiday season, I binge-watched Billions once more. It’s a great series, and up there with West Wing and House of Cards. But it is fiction based on fact. The fiction is the dramatisation of a hedge fund skating on thin ice against the…

What’s in store for banking in 2023?

Having covered the general economic outlook, let’s take a specific view of the banking sector. Not FinTech. Banking. According to Bloomberg, there will be six key trends emerging in the banking space: Big Banks Will Be Fine: big banks are well-positioned to weather what is expected to be a turbulent year. While capital levels are…

How the world looks in 2023

Welcome to 2023 and happy new year! Thanks for coming back and it is truly appreciated. As usual, we start the year with a range of predictions. We’ll talk through those this week, from what will happen to banking, fintech and cryptocurrencies. On first day however, let’s take a look at the general global and…

Goodbye 2022 (and good riddance)

I don’t know about you, but 2022 was a weird year for me. It started with pandemic controls being loosened, and I assumed it would be business back to normal and a great year. Instead, everyone started striking and laying people off. There were redundancies everywhere, friends were struggling. Then there was a crypto meltdown,…

8 steps to innovation, as recommended by Robin Sharma

Just saw Robin Sharma speaking at an event on innovation, who spoke before me. If you don’t know him, he’s been writing about leadership and innovation for years and, by background, was trained as a lawyer. He’s also a self-help inspirational speaker which the cynic sceptic grumpy old man optimist in me is always useful. He…

Banking in 2122

Throughout the last century, we saw a massive change in the financial systems of the world thanks to technology. Now that such technologies are embedded in everything we see, hear and touch, even smell and taste, everything has networked and connected globally. We can talk to people on top of Everest, in a crater of…

Big Bang 2.0: creating Singapore-by-the-Thames

When Brexit happened, everyone wondered what the UK government plans would be for the City. Specifically, they wondered whether the plan would be to create Singapore-by-the-Thames. This would mean a low-tax, high-achiever culture that would encourage mass inward investment and recognise that the City offered greater advantages for profit than any other place in Europe…

Welcome ChatGPT … should Google be worried?

Unless you’ve been sleeping under a log this week, you must have heard all the buzz about ChatGPT. ChatGPT is an OpenAI place where almost any question you have in your head can be answered. The reason it’s got such a buzz is that within just a week of launch, there are over a million…

How about a future life living on a ship?

When you are super rich and ultra-high net worth, what’s the next step? Houses in every continent? A private jet? Or an apartment on a cruise ship that allows you to claim non-residency in every country of the world … and therefore zero tax status globally? The latter seems to be the most popular, which…

This week’s FU!

Before you watch this week’s show on the biggest, most controversial and WTF stories of #fintechuncut, candid commentary on the biggest #Fintech and #FinancialServices stories of the week that was, how about a little quiz for yourself? The European Commission predicted something or someone to be on the road of irrelevance. Who or what is it? Never waste a…

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