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SWIFT may not exist in five years, according to MasterCard

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The CEO of MasterCard, Michael Miebach, stated at a conference the other day that SWIFT might no longer exist in next five years. Miebach was part of a panel on central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) at the World Economic Forum (WEF) but, as Shashank Bhardwaj writes on Forbes, once the panel was over a Mastercard…

Life, materialism and privacy in 2030


The year is 2030. I own something, have privacy on demand, and life has been better and worse. Back in 2016, Ida Auken (Member of Parliament, Parliament of Denmark) had an article published on Forbes: “Welcome To 2030: I Own Nothing, Have No Privacy And Life Has Never Been Better”. It gained traction, as it…

Why crypto does and doesn’t make sense


I’ve been looking at buying a small property using my crypto savings. Practically, this creates an interesting dilemma as the seller wants the money in his bank account, whereas I’m trying to persuade him to sell with a payment to a crypto wallet. He doesn’t trust crypto wallets, and has never used them. So, what’s…

The rocky road of cryptocurrencies


During May, the floor fell out of the cryptocurrency markets with many losing their life savings. You can question why they had their life savings invested in cryptocurrencies in the first place, but what made the price fall so far, so fast? The answer is a combination of things, the core of which is a…

Could bitcoin destabilise the dollar?


I was thinking about cryptocurrencies and the fact that most of us have heard of bitcoin and Ethereum. You may have heard of Dogecoin and Shiba Inu. Maybe you even know Cordana and Polygon. But do you know about UNI and Potcoin? Or Putincoin and Trumpcoin? What about Whoppercoin or Catcoin? It seems like madness…

Would you like to attend the launch of ‘Digital for Good’?


Chris Skinner, best-selling author of Digital Bank, Digital Human and Doing Digital, has just released his latest book Digital for Good, and it is now available on Amazon.   The book will be officially launched at CFTE on June 6, Canary Wharf, London (if you want to attend, sign up here). The evening will include a number of signed books to…

People who fear being tracked and traced … it’s too late

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For years now there has been a discussion of having chips inside humans. I was presenting this idea twenty years ago, and often used the example of the Baja Beach Club. The idea made sense: get a club chip inserted under the skin and you need no wallet or phone … just dance. It particularly…

The crypto crept in and is not creeping out


Having spent the last decade saying that cryptocurrencies were rubbish (bankers) or the future (libertarians), I really enjoyed this new report from Thomson Reuters (which you can download for free here if you register). Therefore, thought I’d post the summary and tease you to clickthrough … SPECIAL REPORT: Cryptos on the rise 2022 — a…

The metaverse will be worth trillions

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I stumbled across an interesting white paper from Citi the other day saying that the metaverse is an $8 to $13 TRILLION opportunity: “The total addressable market for the Metaverse could be between $8 trillion and $13 trillion by 2030, with total Metaverse users numbering around five billion. But getting to that market level is…

11 realities of 2030


People talk about time travel a lot. Hollywood loves it. Going back in time or forward in time is really popular. Switching bodies between a young you and an old you is often a theme. Being able to jump time is great fiction. And yes, it’s a fiction but, if I could jump time and…

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