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Why #Brexit is good for The City of London

Just heard a really interesting point of view from Professor Tim Congdon, CEO of International Monetary Research.  He was putting a clearly positive spin from a City viewpoint on the outlook for Brexit.  He began by talking about Medieval times of doing business and stated that most financial activity took …

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#Brexit: a positive force for change

Speaking of Walloons forcing a Byegium from the EU-Canada trade deal leads me to post this thoughtful email I received from Iain Bell, CEO of Quadrant Capital.  Iain gives a balanced alternative view to mine, and therefore it is worth a read… I have found your last couple of posts to …

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Welcome to Little Britain (and its hard Brexit)

In my travels over the past months, whether it’s Asia, America or around Europe, everyone asks me what I think about the Brexit vote.  What’s going to happen?  What does it mean? So I’m not going to write lots about Brexit, but every now and again it’s worth picking up …

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A month after #Brexit, what’s new?

After a month, the dust has settled somewhat on the Brexit vote.  We have a new Prime Minister, a new Government and a new outlook.  There were many knee-jerk reactions to the vote that were extreme in the immediate wake of the shock of the vote.  These ranged from the …

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