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California Blocks Skinner’s Identity Plans

Just after Finextra publish my thought piece on the future method of authentication being RFID style chip implants inside humans, which I’ve blogged about
before btw as I do truly believe it will happen, the Los Angeles Times
broke the news that the Terminator’s State of California doesn’t like
my vision and have banned RFID chips in humans.  Luckily Europe’s Data Retention Directive
means that we can quite legitimately stick chips inside the bodies of
our 450 million citizens.  Ah, the beauty of being in the land of the
free …

… meantime, in the land of the "hello son, you’re nicked" UK, our judges want every citizen and tourist
to have their DNA taken and stored on a national database. 

So, we have
a solution even if we do outlaw chips inside people.  Every payments
terminal, ATM and internet site will have a plate that you spit on and
that sorts out the payment by matching your DNA with the national

I spit on my bank?  Problem solved.

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