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Have you been Felt?

you’d expect, there are copious amounts of liquid refreshment available
during SIBOS.  Many of the booths have champagne and wine, and then at
around 5ish the general masses enjoy cocktails across the exhibition

This then leads into the evening’s frivolities and I
enjoyed a couple of parties last night … after all, just being seen
in one place won’t do will it?

First it was over to Felt, a bar
on Washington Street, to enjoy the hospitality of Metia.  If you don’t
know Metia then you probably haven’t met Clare Walsh, in which case
what are you doing here?  I mean Clare and SIBOS go together like Fred
and Ginger, Tom and Jerry, Brad and Angelina, Mick and Keef … you
name it. 

Anyways, it was a nice little evening full of the
Usual Suspects with bar staff who left little to the imagination, which
made me wonder whether the ambiguity of going to a bar called Felt was
intended or not.

After a while, the wine and beer ran out so my
friends lifted me firmly by the elbows and we shot over to the
Intercontinental for a little bit of more upmarket affair from Omgeo.
Here, a silver service affair of Champagne and Desserts rounded off the
evening nicely.

So, there you are.  I have told all … or as much as I’m going to tell.

early this morning to enjoy sunrise over the harbour with a light jog
to clear the head and now back into the thick of things.  Today starts
easily with a light cappuccino with the SWIFT folks, then on to lunch
with some journo’s. 

And they call this work?

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