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Is this person a complete idiot?

Most of you know that I blog here and also at SWIFTCommunity’s website. 

I log on this morning to the SWIFT site, and find I have 1 unread message, so I open it … and laugh and laugh and laugh.  My tea splutters out of my mouth and my family believe that I really have become finally very unhinged.

What could be the matter?

Well, bear in mind that SWIFT’s website is a secure (https) banking website for bankers with banking matters discussed every day.  So you would think that you wouldn’t try to send someone in there an email like this:

From The Desk Of Mr.Molawa Elias
Coordinator of the northern states Programmes


ATTN: Skinner Chris

Actually, I decided to send you this proposal directly for your appraisal on a possible business proposition for you & for our overall mutual interest.I was the coordinator on technical cooperation and procurement officer to the Bank Of African Development and the African funds development Projects/Contract awards.I need your assurance to help conclude a very good transaction wish I feel you will be very much interested .

I had a very nice deal with one Mr.Najah Moghrabia from the united states of America, who was a contractor here that won the 2002 contract to supply engineering equipments. Mr.Najah Moghrabia had since withdraw his total contract fund of $100 million for the execution of the contract with the left over of the over invoiced sum of $19,056 million which we had agreed that he will later transfer from this bank to his foreign account for our mutual sharing once the contract is executed and approved.

Unfortunately , Mr.Najah Moghrabia died while in the States in 2006.

I think you know the rest although, just in case you don’t, this is known as the Nigerian 419 scam and I blogged about it last year

A tired old scam. 

However, the fact that this idiot posted it on a private, secure banking website read by bankers, and registered to get a username and password, is what made me laugh.  Is he desperate to be caught?

I mean, anyone can register with SWIFT’s community website, but this guy is walking into a den of dragons with a match!!

Ah well, Mr. Molawa Elias who asked me to email you back via "my private mail for privacy mecheikfallbf@aol.com or mecheikfallbf@yahoo.com", please go and take a long walk off a short pier.

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