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How would you market Windows 7?

This is a question posed by ars technica, who spotted that Microsoft are advertising for a Marketing Manager for the next generation of Windows:

"Take a leadership role on the team that will bring Windows 7 to market.
Be a part of the launch and sustain marketing for one of Microsoft’s
most important products – Windows 7."

In conversation with James Manyika of McKinsey** this week, we agreed that Microsoft have got big issues in this area.   First, how to get over the Vista debacle and second, as everyone converts to cheap netbooks with everything in high speed online locations, who needs desktop power in the old model of Windows anyway?

The former I've blogged before, and so you know how I hate Vista anyway, but my machine has finally settled down a bit and I've tried to avoid flagellating picky issues with Microsoft for a while.

The latter is a key point.  If a lot of client workstations become thin-style netbooks using web services, then the Microsoft model does fragment and weaken.

And you may wonder why I blog about Microsoft on a financial services website … I guess it's because firms like Microsoft, IBM, Google and company are so integral to bank access and services, that they are firmly in my sights when it comes to talking about banking technologies, which is the core of this site's commentary.

Anyways, I was amused to see the diggs related to the post by ars technica such as:

"My marketing campaign: 'Don't worry, we laid off everyone responsible for Vista.'" from doctechnical

"Windows 7… ((swoosh))… [fade in] it's not a piece of *****." from robrohan

"Windows 7 — It's no XP, but hey, at least it's not vista ." from thinkharderest

gave Vista a haircut, shave and put it on a 3 year diet with daily
steroid induced gym workouts, now we have a whole new animal that
floats like a butterfly and stings like a bee."
from mr5150


"Remember the Blue Screen of Death? With Windows 7, you'll have your choice of colors." from jimbo92107

There are loads more, and the common thread is:

Windows 7 … not another Vista


Source:  Private Eye

** James is a partner in McKinsey's San Francisco Technology Practice

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