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How much is $1 trillion?

Thanks to Colin Henderson at The Bankwatch for posting this video, which I'm re-posting here:

It's a great news item that puts the current stimulus packages into context.

For example, it picks up on Bill Clinton announcing a $30 billion stimulus package in 1993.  Back then, that was a big number.

Only last year, George W. signed off on a $168 billion stimlus package.  Back then, that was a big number.

Now, everyone's saying a trillion here and a trillion there. 

How much is $1 trillion?

Well, put back to back, one trillion $1 bills would reach a third of the way to the Moon.

And, if you lived for over 2,000 years, and spent $1 million every day since Jesus was born, you'd still have a lot of change left.  Over $250 billion worth in fact.

A trillion is a lot.

A real lot.

What happens next?

Million = 106

Billion = 109

Trillion = 1012

Quadrillion = 1015

Quintillion = 1018

Hexillion = 1021

Heptillion = 1024

Octillion = 1027

Nonillion = 1030

Decillion = 1033

Unodecillion = 1036

Duodecillion = 1039

Gazillion … absolutely humongous!

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