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Is NatWest right to fire Tim?

The Independent posted a story on Sunday about poor old Tim Keirman, a decent and likeable chap who worked for NatWest as a cashier and, more recently, MoneySense advisor at their Cambridge branch.

34-year old Tim had been at the bank for over a decade, but was suddenly hauled in front of a disciplinary committee last Wednesday and fired!

What was his crime and was NatWest right to fire poor Tim?

His crime?  Gross misconduct.

Tim had apparently spent the last two years telling consumers how to get money back for unfair bank charges from NatWest and other banks, by giving advice and releasing internal documents.

As he tells the Independent: "It was good to get a sense that I was helping someone. I didn't agree
with our charging structure and there were a number of times when I
heard the charges were ruining lives."

Is NatWest right to fire poor Tim?

You bet!

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  • Tim Keirman

    To answer the question is simple. I was sacked for passing on internal information onto a third person without their permission. The fact that I was part of the internet forums was not the reason for dismissal but was the reason why I ultimately did what I did. I had been suspended from the job for 3 weeks prior to dismissal. The disciplinary meeting on 11th February 2009 was one that was with an area manager, HR representative and my representative who was the first manager I had had when I started in the bank. I knew before the meeting I was going to be sacked and whilst it was a small shock, I have no regrets in what I did.

  • Chris Skinner

    Hey Tim,
    Good to hear from you sir, and pleased you have no regrets. What are you doing now?