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Science proves money and sex do go together

A while ago, I mentioned Jeremy Clarkson's immortal billboard poster line to advertise the Times:

Money and rumpy-pumpy are the twin engines powering everything we do

For those unsure about this, 'rumpy-pumpy' means sex.  Mind you, money was invented for sex anyway, so that's nothing new.

But what Jeremy and I didn't know is that not only is this true, but that science could prove it.

Dr. Thomas Pollett and Professor Daniel Nettles of Newcastle University not only believe that women naturally choose men of higher social standing as an inbuilt genetic process, but that they have more enjoyable sex with wealthier men.

The report is covered in the Times, and is based upon a survey by the two researchers of over 5,000 Chinese women.

"The Chinese Health and Family Life Survey targeted 5,000 people across China for in-depth interviews about their personal lives, including questions about their sex lives, income and other factors. Among these were 1,534 women with male partners whose data was the basis for the study.

"They found that 121 of these women always had orgasms during sex, while 408 more had them 'often'. Another 762 'sometimes' orgasmed while 243 had them rarely or never. Such figures are similar to those for western countries.

"There were of course, several factors involved in such differences but, said Pollet, money was one of the main ones."


Or is it?

As the Times article points out: "the study is certain to prove controversial, suggesting that women are inherently programmed to be gold-diggers."


Sorry, that's 'yep' to the controversial bit, not the gold-diggers bit … just in case.

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