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The Times can be so mean …

UK newspaper The Times asked people in Brighton what they understood by the following terms: hedge fund, derivative, sub-prime market, short selling, fiscal stimulus, arbitrage and quantitative easing.

The answers are brilliant, and here are my favourites:

Hedge fund

"Money collected to keep the hedges going?"


"This sounds like the kind of word that someone good with
vocabulary would use to try and belittle someone else. It's saying, 'Look at me, I'm so educated.' I'm sure it means something simple and I
bet they could come up with an easier word for it."

Sub-prime market

"It's a type of mortgage but there are so many different types of
mortgages and to tell you the truth, I've never had a mortgage, so I
don't know about these things."

"Like Subway, the sandwich shop?"

Fiscal stimulus

"Physical stimulus? I was going to say something rude.
But it must be something that gets you thinking, something that gets
your brain into gear."

"Fishcake? You can ask me all you want about fishcakes. I understand fishcakes."


"I think there was a band in the States called Arbitrage…"

"It sounds French to me – a new type of blancmange perhaps?"

Quantitative easing

"I haven't a clue, but can I tell you about my pension?"

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